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Exclusive: Diljott Opens Up Her Absence From 'Veerey Ki Wedding' And She Does Make A Lot Of Sense!

By: Prakriti | February 21, 2018

Recently the trailer and the title track of the controversial film 'Veerey K Wedding' got released and while we saw all the others, we were shocked to see that the Punjabi mode turned actress Diljott was nowhere to be seen in the trailer!

Dilemmatic and unhappy, we kept wondering what must have happened and well...without making much assumptions, we thought of asking Diljott about it.

When the shoot started it was final that Diljott was cast opposite Jimmy Sheirgill in the movie and this movie was to mark her big debut in B-town. Pictures from the movie sets were doing rounds over social media and we could see a pink saree clad Diljott in the snowy Manali, romancing Jimmy, while shooting for a song. But what must have happened that after all this, she was not a part of the project??

There were all types of rumours and speculations in the industry about what must have happened and why was she not a part of the project. But not believing any of the 'mainu pta lgeyas' we found out the real story behind all of this and after knowing what really happened, we were proud of this beauty with brains.

Diljott happily told us the whole incident and the real reason why she is no more a of this particular Bollywood movie.

She quoted, "When the script was first presented to me, my role was an elongated one with good screen time. I was pretty happy to enter Bollywood with such a meaty role. But as we started shooting, there were few changes in the script and then the storyline and my role kept getting shorter and shorter. I was apprehensive about doing this movie because ultimately it would seem as if mines was just a guest appearance. This was definitely not how I expected my entry in Bollywood."

"I had a word with the team about it and explained to them that I cannot enter Bollywood like this and at my end, I understood that the changes in the script were mandatory. I opted out of the movie myself and I am still in good terms with the team. We mutually understood each other's part and that is why there were no bitter terms. Unlike the ongoing rumours, I would happily say that there is absolutely nothing sour between me and the team. I am an actor and I love doing something which would make me feel happy. The edited role wasn’t something great. If I could be offered Veerey Ki Wedding then I am sure with gos's grace I will fetch another Bollywood project soon, where I would have more screen time and in which I can show my talent well. Merely doing a movie just to show that I have entered Bollywood isn’t my cup of tea. I would like to enter the B-town with a proper meaty role.”

Well, great to hear her side of the story. In times when actresses literally waste their all just be in Bollywood film, here's an actress who has the gutts to turn down a project which she didn't feel justifies the actor in her.

Diljott’s wise decision might have saved her from joining the bandwagon of those who are a one movie wonder in b-town. We wish that she soon gets a bigger and better film to enter Bollywood. The actress is currently busy with her project with Raj Kundra's maiden production “Nanak” where she will be seen in a pivotal role. Another movie in her kitty is 'Punjabi By Nature', directed by Mannat’s director Gurbir Grewal, which would be releasing in 2018.

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