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Punjabi By Nature Is All Set To Hit The Theatres But You Wouldn't Believe The Issue On Which It Is Based!

By: Prakriti | March 13, 2018

Punjabi By Nature is all set to hit the theaters in 2018. This one comes from the man who had helmed the hit Punjabi movie 'Mannat' starring Jimmy Shergill and Kulraj Randhawa, years back - Gurbir Grewal. 

The movie 'Punjabi By Nature' has actress Diljott and actor Nav Bajwa in lead roles. Other characters would be played by Anita Shabdeesh, Tarsinder Singh, Surinder Bath, Lucky Dhaliwal, Sanjiv Rai, Dr Ranjit and Ikater Singh. The story is also by director Gurbir Grewal.

The producer of the movie is Rajeev Singh and the movie would be released under the banner of Hansraj Motion Films Private Limited. Makers say that on the face, it might appear to be a regular comedy film but it has a strong message in the undercurrent and we must not judge it by its title. The story of the movie starts when a Jatt boy falls in love with a Khatri girl. There is no religious conflict but a conflict of the minds. Boy’s uncle Pipple Singh (who never got married to raise his nephew after the sudden death of his brother and bhabhi) and the girl’s father Labh Singh, a widower get into a war of minds.

The situations in the movie show how both Pipple and Labh carry greed at back of their minds and both try to dissuade their offsprings for the marriage. Instead, under the umbrella of preserving the purity of race, Labh tries to get his daughter hitched somewhere else and Pipple has an eye on the only daughter of a big Jatt, so as to get his hands onto their land. Under this shadow how Pipple and Labh confront and what are the situations that come across, would be shown in the movie.

So basically, it is a man that shows the confrontation of bhapas and jatts, something that everyone can relate to.

We asked the director  why he chose such a subject for his movie and with clear headedness, he replied, "The Sikh Gurus had denounced caste or communities amongst the Sikhs, but have the Sikhs in general followed that? Sikhs still stand divided still as  Khatris or Jatts and the other castes! Jatts leave no opportunity to ridicule Khatris (whom they call Bhapas) and Khatris too associate Jatts with lack of culture or roughness. Though there are many inter-marriages and it’s no social issue but this competition in ridiculing each other goes on in jokes and many other gatherings. This could be a case of self obsession on the part of the both. Punjabi songs are all about Jatts! Though it is an entirely different subject but why is it so? Bhapas are big achievers too in many fields. I wanted to show this and help people get rid of this casteism under Sikh religion."

Why do you want to pass a serious message in a comedy movie?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The answer to this is that people in general are so stressed that they come to cinemas to mentally relax themselves. This mindset is absolutely opposite to that in western countries. In western countries, life is comfortable and cinema is not just a recreation but a serious communicator of important messages too.

Well, we haven’t seen anyone openly talk about this issue. Let’s see how he talks about this important issue in this comedy movie. We wish the entire team all the best .

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