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Sara Gurpal Shares Some 'Dirty' Secrets About Punjabi Industry's Plague - 'Casting Couch'

By: Prakriti | June 8, 2018

We have been hearing about the dirty casting couch in Hindi film industry since ages and were shocked when a newly chosen arts and culture president said that she'll work on curbing this nuisance in Pollywood, where we thought this wasn't prevalant but here's another artist who has opened up about this ill-practice and we dunno what to say! 

Sara Gurpal, the model turned actress turned singer, has openly stated that casting couch is the current 'dirty' trend in Pollywood which has engulfed the natural habitat of fresh talent and is now spreading like a disease.

The industry is surely growing at a fast pace but naal hee there's this practice that is taking over. There have been great movies coming our way, those which have uplifted content and fine story telling. Punjabi industry is also experimenting with women centric films and giving women important roles in their movies. But now that we get to hear about this dirty casting couch which doesn’t let talented artists work and get good movies, it is nothing but a matter of shame for all of us.

Until today, no one has been so outspoken about it. This filthy secret has stayed under the wraps but frustrated because of this practice, Sara finally agreed to share some secrets and here's what she told us:

Mind you: What you read below will change your perception about Punjabi film industry.

"The Punjabi industry is surely growing at a fast pace but with a lot of dirty men in it. Producers have stooped to the lowest levels. They want favors from actresses and in return they given them roles in their movies. It is tough for someone with dignity to find work here. Makers cast their favorite actresses because of varied reasons and they aren’t ready to look beyond them. Casting couch has definitely become common in the industry. Every time you sign a project, makers start calling you to meet over coffee so that they can be comfortable with you. I also have received a number of shady calls like these. If you don’t get comfortable with the makers or ignore them, they will either throw you out of their project or will cut down your role.  At present, working in the industry is tough. Either you have to choose the casting couch or you've got to have a solid monetary background; or you need have a strong PR team. Talent is being neglected in the industry and makers hardly look at your fan base. All that they're interested in is sleeping with you and nothing other than that.

Even after all these years of working in hit music videos, then films and now songs, why are you still facing such a thing?? Why isn't anyone else vocal about it?

“I have no clue why female artists are not speaking about it. Maybe the artists are afraid of not getting work or being black listed from the industry. Any female with dignity should not stoop low in front of these filthy men. They should be bold enough to speak about them and let people know the real reason behind not getting work. Being afraid is not an option these days and we must raise our voice against the wrong ."

If not acting then what next ?

I have already shifted my base from Chandigarh to Mumbai. I am working on my music everyday. I need not beg for work now. I am creating my own masterpieces and working at my terms. I am learning new things and this keeps me engaged. I am happy to get less work than to play dirty and get more work!”

It is a shame if casting couch is present in the Punjabi industry too. There are actresses who call it a safe place to work but Sara’s version has totally changed our mind about things here.




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