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The Trailer Of Nankana Will Release On 14th June And We Cannot Hold Our Excitement!

By: Gurleen | June 12, 2018

It's been quite a few years since we saw Gurdas Maan on the big screen and hearing the kind of content that the team promises it to be, we're definitely excited about his forthcoming release 'Nankana'.

Going by the recent post shared by Maan, the trailer of this film is scheduled to hit the internet on 14th June, 2018. 

Directed by Gurdas Maan’s wife Manjeet Maan, Jatinder Shah and Pooja Gujral are the producers of the movie, while Sumeet Singh has donned the hat of co-producer. The producer Jatinder Shah has also given music to the film, so the audience can expect some great melodies coming.

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