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Dilpreet Dhahan Attack On Parmish Verma: Not Dilpreet But Lakki Fired Bullets!

By: News Desk | July 11, 2018

Now that the notorious gangster Dilpreet Dhahan is in police custody, a new story is making headlines with each passing minute. 

We all know that Dhahan attacked Parmish in Mohali which left the singer wounded with a gunshot. Now, the similar stance has happened with Dilpreet himself. During an encounter with the police behind district courts Chandigarh, the gangster got nabbed and was shot in the knee.

When asked about the reason for attacking Parmish Verma, Dilpreet made the following revelations:

"I have been constantly extorting him even after the attack. I had demanded 10 lacs ransom from his close ones. On 20th April, after Parmish got discharged, Gaurav Patial alias Lakki, messaged Parmish's friend the next day and said that if the demand is not met with, then they should be ready for another such attack. Post this, Lakki's acquantainces from his village Khuda Lahora somehow got in touch with Parmish Verma and asked him to resolve the matter.  The responsibilty for completion of this task was with Lakki."

The man Gaurav Patial alias Lakki has been closely associated with the Punjabi industry as he has been providing bouncers and groups for shoots. He even had the private number of Verma. 

Dilpreet told the police that out of the 10 lac ransom amount, till date he has received 50 thousand and Rs 2 lakh was handed over to gangster Harvinder alias Rinda. The remaining amount is with Lakki and gangster Sukhpreet Budha. IT was during this period that another Punjabi singer came upfront about extortion calls being made to him.

On 15th April, he called Parmish Verma and demanded ransom, but the duo exchanged a heated argument over the phone.  Dilpreet threatened him but Parmish in return challenged him to come over to Elante Mall, if he has gutts. On reaching the mall, where Parmish was booked for a performance, Dilpreet and his fellow members were left disappointed as the singer had already entered the premise and even left without them knowing when.

It is after this that the gangsters spotted Parmish's house in Mohali and attacked him in the middle of the road with gunshots. He said that the bullets were fired by Lakki. 

Fresh Update

After having raided the accommodation of two women friends of Dilpreet Dhahan, 42-year-old Harpreet Kaur and 38-year-old Rupinder Kaur certain interesting facts have come to light.

Though, the nature of the relationship of Dilpreet Dhahan with these women was not clear, but there certainly was something brewing between them.

Two bags were recovered during police raids at Rupinder Kaur’s house. Among other things in the bag were Viagra and Ayurvedic aphrodisiac medicines like shilajit and condoms. Also, drug measurement scales were found, which clearly ascertain the fact that he was dealing in drugs.

Police also recovered 1 kg heroin, a .12-bore pump action gun, .30-bore pistol, along with 40 live cartridges and a digital weighing machine during raids at Harpreet’s home in Nawanshahr.

The two sisters he was two-timing including Harpreet, is a mother of two children and has studied up to Class 12 now owns a boutique. Her husband died in 2009 after a cardiac arrest. Dilpreet used to come to her regularly.

However, he was living with Rupinder (Ruby) in Sector 38, Chandigarh, for the last four months. Separated from her husband, she also had two school-going children, is a graduate and ran a computer business.

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