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Wamiqa Gabbi Is 'Manno' In Parahuna, The Beautiful Preeti Sapru Lookalike!

By: Prakriti | September 14, 2018

Wamiqa Gabbi is a beautiful actress and there's no denying this fact but not many must have ever compared her to the veteran beauty Preeti Sapru.

Light eyed actress Preeti Sapru was a rage during her wee days and many hearts throbbed with a glimpse of the actress. The makers of Parahuna must be given a pat on the back for their eye to find the perfect actress for their film's character, who was to be a Preeti Sapru lookalike.

When we asked Wamiqa about the character and the special preparation she had to do for it, she said:

"I am playing the character of Manno in Parahuna. Manno is a beautiful Preeti Sapru look alike in the movie. She is the love interest of Kulwinder Billla and is a confident girl of that era. She can talk to people and is a happy go lucky person. She also knows that she is very pretty which gives her the feeling of contentment too."

She further added, "There was nothing that I had to prepare for in this role. The main focus was to look good in the movie. I haven’t been paying much attention towards my hair and makeup in my previous projects but in this one I had to. I have been compared to the legendary actress Preeti Sapru. I had to match up to that level and that was the hardest part in the movie."

Well, there's no doubt that she does give us glimpse of Preeti Sapru in her Manno self in the upcoming Punjabi rom com Parahuna which is set to release on 28th September 2018. 

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