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Private Helicopter, Lavish Garage! How Did Inder Chahal Manage So Much In His Debut Song?

By: Shreya Narang | November 8, 2018

Inder Chahal, our beloved Punjabi munda, rocked the Punjabi music industry in 2015 with his song “follow”. We’re sure you remember the special video uploaded by the music label, which featured Inder Chahal’s song and was directed Jashan Nanarh.

Inder’s journey to be an overnight star was a long one, but totally unplanned. He used to stay in Mumbai back then, with his cousin Mankirat Aulakh (Yes, you heard it right) and was well introduced to the top names in the Punjabi industry by him. With Mankirat’s support, Inder kept on practising music.

DJ Flow showed Inder the lyrics of this song and told him that it is written by Amrit Maan, hearing which Inder right away agreed. Inder already knew Amrit Maan and adored his work. For him, good lyrics are a very important part of a song and for his first, Amrit Maan was the best choice. 

When he recorded his song in the studio, it turned out so well that his friend Jashan suggested he make a video. Given that Jashan was a good friend of Inder since they belonged to the same hometown, his bunch of friends started working on the video and took help from wherever they could in Mumbai.

Although his family supported his music endeavours completely, he did not ask for any money or help while he was shooting the video of “Follow”. Thus, we can assume it wasn’t a very high-budget video. But it sure looked like one!

Do you remember the helicopters, lavish garage, and plane’s shot in the video?

Wondering how Jashan and Inder managed to shoot a normal budget video with helicopters?

Well, as it goes, Inder had a very close friend in Mumbai who had a private helicopter. He helped him shoot the video and also, helped him get a lot of permissions to shoot at multiple places in Mumbai.

Did you know that the whole video was shot in Mumbai itself?

Didn’t look like it, right?

We’re amazed too, so what do you think about this revelation?

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