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Chan Tara Trailer Review: Oh Damn! Why Did I Even Watch It?

By: Prakriti | November 8, 2018

Upcoming Punjabi movie Chan Tara is all set to release on 30th November 2018. The movie is directed by Vineet Atwal, produced by Satnam S Tatla and is written by Vineet Atwal & Wazir Singh Baz. The movie stars Nav Bajwa, Jashn Agnihotri and others. It is made under the banner of Tatla art and entertainment.

Chan Tara Trailer:

Chan Tara seems to be a sad attempt in this era of progressive filmmaking. In times when we see content oriented movies struggling for a good release date, a movie like this has no stand. The storyline of Chan Tara revolves around Nav Bajwa's character, who is a brat and good for nothing son. He suddenly wants to be an actor and on the other hand, actress Jashn Agnihotri is also shown to share the same passion. They plan a plot, make a movie in which the actress is dancing and romancing, lie and create confusion around this plot.

The edit of the trailer is poor but not as bad as the forced humour and sad background music. Nav Bajwa is a talented actor but this film has definitely raised a big question in our mind about his acceptance of such projects.

An over made up Jashn Agnihotri doesn’t seem to fit anywhere in Punjabi films. Nothing in the trailer is worth appreciation which could pull us towards the theater. Seems like it was a movie made back in time and they are just releasing it for the sake of it. No marketing no promotion and too poor content is what awaits the audiences of this film.

Hoping that the makers wouldn’t waste their money in such projects. I am surely not going for this one and even feel that the time that I have wasted on watching this trailer was also not worth it!

DUH! Yes, it’s that bad. 

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