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 Did Controversies Play An Important Role In Shaping Yo Yo Honey Singh's Career?

By: Shreya Narang | November 9, 2018

Honey Singh has often been surrounded by controversies, and some real hard ones at that. Looking back at the rapper's career, we can say that most of his fame was in a negative light and controversies were indeed his best friend.

Honey Singh, aka Yo Yo has a real tough take on being called a controversial artist, as he considers himself extremely misunderstood. A while ago, the man had mentioned during one of his interviews how he is considered a controversial artist however he is not so but is merely misunderstood. He claimed that he could have very easily come on multiple reality shows to make money using the controversies that surrounded him, but he did not because he has always been interested in creating music, that’s all. He said that he has had very little involvement with the media and interviews anyway, because he has always focused on music but also felt that his lesser media interactions made people spread rumours about him, recklessly.

But here, the question is if Honey Singh has any legit explanation for the allegations put on him about obscene lyrics, and objectification of women?

With nothing smart to say, all that Honey Singh has ever said about the lyrics is that his lyrics are inspired by the 'Youth of India' and not the other way round. As for the objectification of women, he said he respects women.

Honey Singh Slapped By Shah Rukh Khan

Honey Singh was rumoured to have been slapped by King Khan due to his behaviour, which he denied. He was also, at one point, rumoured to have been in a rehab centre, and before he announced his real name there were a lot of fake names he was rumoured to have. Phew, stardom is really hard, isn’t it?

Although a big part of his fame has been contributed by a very explicit song, that we cannot name here due to its extremely vulgar title, Honey Singh denied to ever have heard that song let alone write/sing it.

That might be true, or not but the fact is that Honey Singh’s lyrics do objectify women and he has gained a lot of hype due to the allegations put on him.

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However, his songs are famous for their beats rather than the lyrics. A lot of people don’t even understand Punjabi, to make out what he’s saying through his songs but they groove to his tunes anyway.

We can conclude by saying that Honey Singh has not really gained any success due to the controversies, that’s totally his hard-work paying off, but these controversies have given him a hype for some time in his career for sure.

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