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Psst: Make Sure You Don't Do This While Shooting On-Set With Diljit Dosanjh!

By: Amrinder | January 11, 2019

Back in the year 2003-04, when a music album called Ishq Da Uda Ada was still under production, a gentleman called Mr. Singh walked up to a 20-year-old young singer who was also the lead vocalist of the album. Mr. Singh suggested him to pronounce his first name ‘Daljit’ as ‘Diljit and that’s how Daljit Singh Dosanjh of Ludhiana became The Diljit Dosanjh.

Diljit learned his initial music lessons by singing in a Gurudwara. Further support and motivation from his family pushed him to take up singing as a serious option and since his first hit Proper Patola, he has moved forward miles all together.

Diljit has captured millions of hearts, first through his feats likes Patiala Peg, Veervaar and 5 Taara and later on with his mind-blowing performances in Sardaar Ji, Punjab 1984, Udta Punjab and Soorma.

Diljit is also called as a man with a golden heart by his fans, all credits to the proactive social work of his NGO ‘Saanjh Foundation’ which has earned this title for him. The 'Urban Pendu' star had once revealed that he would only like to work with people who are not harsh. He said that he can only work when the atmosphere on set is jolly.

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The star also added, “I have seen many people shouting even on a microphone, I mean if you already have a microphone in your hand there is no reason to shout”. He said if someone shouts at someone else, he feels extremely bad for that person upon whom the cuss words are being showered because these kinds of things ultimately damage the morale of that person and this becomes even more dangerous if the other person is an artist.

“If any such thing happens to me I would definitely walk away from that place without waiting a moment”, concluded Diljit. 

Gone are those days when artists used to fear being shouted at, now times have changed.

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