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Punjabi Inharmonious Halfwits Who Became Internet Sensations!

By: Gurwinder | March 14, 2019

Entertainment Industry is totally unpredictable, where talented artists don't get the kind of fame they deserve there we have inharmonious halfwits getting all the attention they don't deserve at all. Their senseless videos trend with millions of views making them overnight social media celebrities. They attract investors who want to make a quick buck by exploiting these trending personalities and get them used to attention and stuff that they might have never even dreamt of. Not many make it big after a few videos and thus, are left abandoned, shattered and exploited. 

Here's a list of such social media personalities who came, trended and faded away to never be seen again:

  • Mukhmantri- Dharmpreet aka Mukhmantri Dhamak Base is a young teenager who got into the limelight when he hurt the religious sentiments of the Sikh community by singing a parody song in a spiritual sound. Gursikh Dharampreet was forced to remove his 5 kakars. Soon he was noticed by Punjabi Music Industry, and he is now collaborating with random singers. The young fellow is further being exploited by some from the industry as in one of his recent songs, he is seen taking digs at Sidhu Moose Wala, prior to which he was using cuss words in a song. Mukhmantri's inharmonious voice made to number one in the trending list on YouTube.
  • Harman Cheema- He got into the limelight after a funny song video of his went viral. He became the butt of jokes for many. He came out with few more videos and later on got the opportunity to sing on big platforms and also released a single Seetiyan. Besides that Harman also featured in some songs in collaboration with other artists.
  • Nacchatar Mistri YoYo- Social Media turned out to be a boon for him too. Nacchatar's song Tere Karke went viral, and soon he was accompanying known singers at stage shows. In reality, it was not his talent, but his bad singing style that clicked.
  • Cutter Jatt Charanveer- Another young fellow, who is getting popularity on Tik Tok musical app is Charanveer. We shouldn't be surprised if he too gets some big platform in the music scene.
  • Bains California- This girl talks less and abuses more if we say in Punjabi gallan ghat kardi hai te gaalaan zyada kadhdi hai. This Punjabi girl is another attention seeker on the line of (say) Rakhi Sawant and more of her kinds. Such abusive videos did work in her favor and she got some modeling assignments and even got featured in a Punjabi music video.

There are many others who are trying to get fame through social media including singers, actors, hosts, stand up artists etc. It is good to see people getting an opportunity to showcase their talent and skills. In fact, some of the current star singers got popularity through social media (Youtube, Instagram). But sadly real talent doesn't get acknowledged and attention seekers tend to get into public eye faster than real talent.

Once a senior said, "Jamana hi besureya da, ki kar sakde haan." 

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It is understandable, but if we the audience as the listeners are having such a bad choice when it comes to music then we can't really blame it on anyone else. While the likes of Idu Sharif to Anita Samana are still struggling to make a mark in spite of being talented, or maybe it is just a matter of luck.

But there is another side of the story, some of these viral artists came from a poor background, so it must be seen as a positive sign as they do get a taste of popularity and chances are that once they've faded away from the scene, they work hard towards getting the fame back, only as long as they don't indulge in anything unlawful.

So let them enjoy their fame until it lasts because who knows tomorrow there will be a new Mukhmantri and a Mistri trending on social media.

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