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An Unfulfilled Wish Of Punjabi Actor Jaswinder Bhalla

By: Harleen Kaur | May 8, 2019

Youth always occupies a special place in each person’s life because this is the time when we all have immense energy to chase, to dream, to conquer and to live. No matter how old we grow or how successful we become, we all wish to get back to that time for once at least once.

Similarly, the 59-year-old ‘Young Jaswinder Bhalla’ also has a similar dream in his heart. The artist who started his career back in the 80s when he came up with the first edition of Chhankata series ‘Chhankata 88’, has today become a synonym of the word ‘comedy’ in the Punjabi industry. After ‘Chhankata 88’ his popularity kept on increasing drastically with the release of each edition of Chhankata.

Due to his immense popularity, he couldn’t remain beyond the eyes of the film industry for too long and he finally entered into movies in 1998, when he acted in ‘Dulla Bhatti’. After ‘Dulla Bhatti,’ movies replaced every other thing in his life.

Since then he has done more than five dozen films and most of them were box office successes. But what is even more intriguing about him is that he continued his teaching job at Punjab Agricultural University along with his Chhankata series all this while with magical energy, an energy which can give complex to even teenagers.

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In short, there is hardly anything left to be achieved for this legend. Be it a name, be it fame or be it respect, he has earned all 3 things in plenty. At times he has even turned down offers from Bollywood, an industry which is still a dream destination for many. But in spite of having almost everything from his destiny, he still has one unfulfilled wish and that wish too is no way less interesting than his personality.

He bears a diehard wish of becoming young once again because he strongly feels that he missed out many things while growing up and he intends to do them again. One of those things is ‘College Campus Fukrapanti’, which he misses even more, which is why he says whenever a moment would come into his life when a 'jinn' would appear in front of him with an offer of fulfilling his three wishes, then this wish will definitely be at the top!

But Bhalla Ji as your diehard fans, what we think is that you are indeed like a fine wine, which gets even more awesome with each passing day. And never forget “You are never too old to become younger”!

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