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Do Know Bohemia Never Notes Down Any Of His Songs! Read More To Know Why

By: Harleen Kaur | July 4, 2019

Undoubtedly there is no other artist of Bohemia’s stature in this entire Asian subcontinent when it comes to rapping. There is absolutely nothing wrong in saying that right now there is no other artist at least in this generation who can match his rapping skills. In short, he will be the unparalleled king for at least the next 10 years.

Sharing the frame space with Bohemia is the ultimate goal and dream of every singer, his name in the credits in itself is a guarantee of the song’s success. Some artists who have worked with Bohemia have even said that “Bohemia is not made for rapping, rather rapping is made for Bohemia.” His skills and elegance make every artist go gaga over it. His overall personality is full of charismatic traits.

One such charismatic aspect of his personality is his razor-sharp memory. You would be surprised to know that he never notes down any of the songs. In fact, he neither even looks at the script or lyrics of his raps before going into recording cubicle or shooting floors. Whatever he speaks during the action, it comes out straight from the bottom of his heart. Since he is damn flawless with rapping, therefore he never takes help of any printed script.

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This trivia came into the public eye through Deep Money, who had the fortune of sharing space with Bohemia in the chartbuster track ‘Zeher.’ Recalling the memories of the shoot, Deep Money lauded Bohemia’s instincts. He revealed that Bohemia’s rap part in Zeher’s video went down without a single edit. In fact, when he entered the studio, he straightaway headed to the recording chamber and sang whatever came from within.

And Bohemia has been following this approach for many years. To the surprise of everyone, his memory never failed him. In fact, Bohemia even told Deep Money that this is the ultimate secret of his success, which was under wraps for years.

Well, Mr. Bohemia, you are truly a genius. Take a bow from us!

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