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July 12 To See 3 Punjabi Releases At The Box Office, Wait What??

By: Harleen Kaur | July 11, 2019

Till now we had only seen two Punjabi films confronting at the box office and those instances have not been very pleasant most of the time. Until last year a box office clash in Punjabi industry meant virtual wars but this year people were a little more tolerant towards each other and we did see two movie releases on the same day without much controversy around for unnecessary hype.

Now, just when 12th of July is approaching and we thought that we'll see Munda Hi Chahida and Jaddi Sardar releasing on this date, a new movie has caught our attention and we have no idea where this one suddenly jumped in from!

‘Jatt Jugadi Hunde Aa’, a new Punjabi film is slated to release on 12th July 2019 and it stars Arshdeep Kaur, Jaswant Singh Rathore, Rami Mittal, Sushant Singh and Arun Bakshi as the lead characters.

Wait that's not all, these guys have even got themselves into a controversy pertaining to misrepresentation of ‘Lord Shiva’. The Shiv Sena activists reached one of their recent press interactions and condemned the makers of the movie for representing Lord Shiva in an objectionable form. The party activists even launched a protest at the Press Club and demanded that the scene, in which Lord Shiva was displayed as asking for mobile phone, should be removed, otherwise the producers and directors would have to face the repercussions.

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A comedy, Jatt Jugadi Hunde Aa depicts various aspects of the lives of people and their struggle to stay in society.

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