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Why Did Neeru Bajwa Choose To Walk Over Her Ex Amit Sadh?

By: Team | January 22, 2016

Thesedays Neeru Bajwa is being seen every where for her upcoming flick "Laung Laachi' and I personally do have high expectations out of this one.

Channo will release on February 19, 2015. The film is produced by Neeru Bajwa and Harry Singh Jawandha under the banners Neeru Bajwa Entertainment and Mystery Man Productions. The latter happens to be the production house of her husband who is always seen in her pictures with a covered face or a half cut face!

She certainly looks quite happy and very much in love with her husband but there was a relationship which she had before this one too and I think all of us know about it. Yes, I am talking about her 8 year long courtship with the b-town actor Amit Sadh. They even got engaged but parted ways :-(

[caption id="attachment_185" align="alignnone" width="600"]amit sadh Source:apunkachoice[/caption]

We could see the duo all over the place a couple of years back, be it dance reality shows or film promotions. Amit had even helped Neeru for building her career in Mumbai. But all of a sudden they were in news for being no longer together. In case you too have wondered about the main reason behind it then let me tell you all that I know about.

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When this duo was competing for a dance reality show then this was what Neeru had said in an interview, "I was keen to do the show because it guaranteed time with Amit. We rarely get to spend time together. Secondly, I love dancing and wanted to do something different from the regular, run-of-the-mill fare. "

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"Amit has not danced earlier, so initially he was against it. Then, he took it up as a challenge and worked very hard. He'd rehearse everyday. He's put in more effort than I have. I have never lost patience with him."

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Amit was even a part of Bigg Boss in the year 2010 and during that journey, the audience would often feel strongly for him thanks to his “I am missing Neeru” whines. His passionate love and longing for his lady love helped him earn several more female fans.

Post his exit, Amit helped Neeru establish her career in B-town, and she finally made her debut with Prince. Then, all of a sudden came the news that the couple has split, some rumours even suggesting that director Sajid Khan was the reason why Neeru chose to walk over Amit.

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In 2013, after three years of the couple's split, Amit Sadh, while talking to a publication confessed, "We broke up a few years back. We were in a relationship for eight years. I still love her. I am happy that we didn't have a bitter break up. It is after we broke up, I realized how much I love her. We are still friends. Now, I'm enjoying my single status. People think I am a casanova, but I am not. I'm a hopelessly romantic person."

Although the exact reason for their break up is still not known but from what I could sense, it's this profession that has taken a toll on their love like it has on many long term relationships.

People aren't really to be blamed for a break up, it's sometimes circumstantial!

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