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Jaswinder Bhalla Once Declined A Role With Aamir Khan - Here's Why!

By: Harleen Kaur | September 26, 2020

Bollywood has always needed Punjabi talent and we're not talking about the need for Punjabi songs for remixes. While Punjabi actors like Diljit, Hardy Sandhu, Jassi Gill, etc. are the latest Punjabi sensations in Bollywood, many Punjab based artists have already made their presence felt in the industry.

However, if there’s one guy who we’d all love to see in Bollywood is Jaswinder Bhalla.

jaswinder bhalla aamir khan

Did you know Jaswinder Bhalla had a chance to work with Aamir Khan but he declined?

Let’s find out what exactly happened!

He once confessed that he was offered a role in the movie “Mela'' in 1999. If you're thinking about the role he got, it was the one played by Johnny Lever. He said, “Venus Records & Tapes (Producer) came to me and said that this role is custom-made for you. They offered a sum of Rs. 50,000 but the Chankatta series had to be bound by their company.”

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They wanted to launch the Chankatta series through their production company, but this was a requirement that was not appropriate to him and his team. He claimed that the current production house had greater knowledge of the Punjabi artists and their designs. However, he also regrets declining the chance to work with Aamir Khan.

Apparently, he still sees a silver lining in this regret.

There was a scene in the film where Johnny Lever had to act drinking another actor's urine. Jaswinder Bhalla admitted that if he were to do this act for the scene, he would have faced a lot of hate from the people of Punjab. People would have criticized that, being a Sardaar, he had done such a thing.

The process of receiving roles from the Bollywood films didn’t end there as Jaswinder Bhalla admitted he still receives plenty of roles. However, the actor says the love he receives from his motherland doesn't let him search for opportunities in B-town. 

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