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Are Males Equally Subject To Casting Couch Practices? Have A Look At What Dinesh Mohan Has To Say!

By: Harleen Kaur | March 5, 2021

The fashion and modelling industry may concentrate on elegance, glamour and fame but it has a dark side that is generally concealed from the public eye, some of which are exposed right here. One of such practices is that of casting couch. Undeniably, it’s not a new term in relation to the modelling industry but this blog focuses on the fact if males are also equally prone to this practice. We always hear female voices when it comes to casting couch practices but are males equally subject to these practices?

In an exclusive interview with GhaintPunjab, Dinesh Mohan, senior model gave his insights on males being approached for casting couch experiences. 

Dinesh admitted that he had heard a lot of stories about these encounters in the industry. Nonetheless, he himself did not encounter any such direct incident. He believes it might be because of his age, his personality, and the position he came from. Apparently, the people in the industry still give some subtle clues regarding these activities. Surprisingly, he said, “The males in this industry face such casting couch experiences from males only.” He believes that when a person has such kind of interest and has the power to do so, they offer such indirect hints to the person. Also Read: Sara Gurpal Shares Some 'Dirty' Secrets About Punjabi Industry's Plague - 'Casting Couch'

Adding to his statements, he confessed that he has also faced these kinds of advances. Recalling the incident, he said, “In a fashion week, someone asked me randomly to take off my clothes so that they could have a dress trial. However, I insisted that I would require a separate room for it as one cannot be asked to do so openly. Although I had no problem in doing it, you get an instinct that this is going in the wrong direction.” Also Read: We're Far Too Comfortable With Casting Couch Adage: Lance Bass

While he insisted that he had never seen anyone go through these circumstances right in front of his eyes, he had heard his fellow models talk about it. He also said, "It is unfortunate that young models, coming from small towns and having several bills to pay, end up being part of this trap. However, it is a very sad condition that has slowly become an integral part of the industry. Also Read: If You Smelt A Rat, You'd Rather Keep Away: Vidya On Casting Couch

Dinesh Mohan, a person who turned a fashion model at the age of 50, has plenty more to say that you can watch in the full interview.


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