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Street Talk: Past Physical Relationships-Out On Spotify!

By: Krishma | March 18, 2023

With the advancement of technology, the taboo of having a physical relationship with your partner is becoming a more common scenario.

Having said that, the concept remains taboo and causes concern among many. There is still a segment of society that has an opinion and passes judgement on the fundamentals of one's physical history. The conversation may sound a little uncomfortable, but it is something that exists in society, and overlooking the fact would be sheer ignorance towards a pertinent topic.

Thus, in the most recent episode, Karishma had an interesting conversation with the young blood in which most of the youngsters are fine with their partner's past love life because time has passed. Some of the responses were quite misogynist though. Also Read : Street Talk: Stereotypes Associated With Punjabis

You may watch the episode here or listen to it on Spotify by clicking on the link! LISTEN NOW!

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