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Punjabi film Daaka starring Gippy Grewal and Zareen Khan in lead roles has hit the theatres. Directed by Baljit Singh Deo, this one is jointly produced by Tseries and Humble Motion Pictures. 

Release Date: 1 November 2019

Director: Baljit Singh Deo

Synopsis: Daaka is a movie about two poverty-stricken men who have their own set of problems to deal with. One, named Shinda is a love bird who falls for the daughter of a retired school teacher, financially well off, and the other, Balli, the father of a girl child who is suffering from a stomach tumour. Both these men co-own a mobile repair 'khokha' but in order to sustain their business, they must pay the shop owner 2.5 lacs else they'll lose their space. When they manage to somehow gather a handsome sum to pay the shop owner, things take an unplanned turn and they're left with just a plan and that too of robbing their village bank. What happens next is for you to watch.

Review: Since the last few years, especially after Ardaas, Gippy Grewal's films have been carrying unique storylines. Some of them have been ridiculously funny (Manje Bistre franchise), some thrilling (Kaptaan, Lock) and others have been curated so beautifully that one falls in love with those films (Ardaas & Ardaas Karaan). But this is no guarantee that the actor cannot falter. Gippy's production house has been gathering praises for making films in favor of society but when films like Daaka get made, it is difficult to understand the real motive behind them - entertainment or mere money-making?

Starting from the opening credits, the background music of the film kept disappointing us at many points. Neither did it excite us in the beginning, nor did it make us feel for the characters and the end was even more upsetting when Gippy and Zareen talk over the well..seems like it is some funny sequence with the music running in the background. The trailer had relatively very impactful music which excited us to watch the film.

Now let us come to the songs which have been unnecessarily inserted into the film. One wonders why even place the songs in a film when there is simply no need! Why not raise the bar so much that the absence of songs actually works for the story? I just can't believe that Phulkari actually got placed at such bad timing in the film. It should have rather been used in the end credits. Also, the Punjabi version of 'Zindagi men kabhi koi' was a disaster. Bpraak's voice just did not go well with the scene and overall, the Punjabi version turned out to be ridiculous. 

Talking about the characters in the film, Shinda and Balli, both these men are shown to be extremely poor, so much so that sustaining themselves is also shown to be a problem. Amidst the background of a dilapidated house and medically sick child, Shinda is always shown in strikingly clean clothes and a proper set hairstyle, and at times he's even seen changing between the scenes, to never repeat the same costume again! (Ehne saaf kapde? kehda detergent use krda ae bhrava?) Balli is still given relatively better outfits as per his character.

Zareen Khan was actually the winning actor in Jatt James Bond but in Daaka, she just did not fit well in her character. One, she didn't have much to do and secondly, her pairing with Gippy this time was not really apt. Kujh missing si ehnadi onscreen jodi vicho..god knows what it was but yeah kujh ta si.

The storyline of the film was weak and so was the screenplay. It was over-exaggerated and at times so much that it bored us, especially the door breaking rehearsal and Gippy's jumping over the rooftops for no reason. The robbery sequence was also very amateurishly written. Why would the robbers disguise themselves and ride a bike that everyone knows who it belongs to? Why did no one question their masks and disguise when they were coming to the bank? How come no one noticed them?? (bad writing) Why wait for the collection of more sum when they could have easily left with the amount that was handed over to them by the bank employees? 

Then comes the main criminal who flees from the clutches of the police - Sukh Chain. Areh baba je tusi Sukhchain nu kadh hee ditta then why not make him leave the village in the cart at that very moment, why take him home?? 

With a lot of repetitive shots, the only thing that made sense was the last 15 minutes of the film. Rest everything was nothing more than a stretchy sequence to fill up the reel. Another question here is that why did the men want that particular place for their tiny khokha when they could go anywhere in the village and place their table and start working, very much like the cha wala? Zabardasti da angle si eh ta.

 A lot more can be said but let's wrap up the review here and hope that in the coming days, we see better movies coming our way, especially from this team that can be credited for uplifting the modern-day Punjabi Cinema. 

Verdict: Daaka is a film for the Gippy lovers and for the rest, you can easily give it a miss without a second thought. 

Rating: 1.5/5 (Below Average) 

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