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Khatre Da Ghuggu


Starcast - Jordan Sandhu, Diljott Dil, B.N Sharma, Anita Shabdeesh, Prakash Gadu, Satwinder Kaur, Nitu Pandher, Raj Dhaliwal, Savvy Singh, and many others

Release Date: 17 January 2020

Producer – Aman Cheema

Director – Shivtar Shiv and Aman Cheema

Review: As we enter 2020, Khatre Da Ghuggu comes as the first release of the year and as expected from the trailer, the movie was a disappointing attempt. The story of the movie doesn’t match the title even a single. The sad part is that even though we didn’t expect much but this was way lower than our least expectation levels.

The story of the movie which is penned by Ravinder Mand seems to be a bad mix of subplots that hint at his confused mind probably when he was penning it. Like the other Jordan Sandhu releases, this one is yet again about him hoping to make it big as a singer someday.  His love interest is played by Diljott and all the other twists and turns in the story are totally irrelevant, be it Anita Shabdeesh's story or Nitu Pandher' s bad man in love angle. 

Other than wasting the time with these subplots we also think that the directors have even wasted the talent in the movie. Majorly they have underutilized all the main character actors. The director(s) have not been able to extract the necessary potential of their actors and to top it all, BN Sharma's character seems to have overdone his bit.

Talking about the lead actors, Jordan Sandhu seems to be fine in the movie but he could have done better. In fact, he could have opted for a better movie altogether. The man is surely a good actor with poor choices. He isn’t concentrating on quality but quantity of the movies. Undoubtedly, with this long list of flops, he needs to rethink his choices. Diljott seems to be the girl next door in the movie, similar to her real-life self. Her dialect and her act seem to be okayish but her act has not left an impact.

Another noteworthy yet funny part of the movie is how it relocates to Dubai for its songs. The movie is shot in local locations yet the songs are shot in Dubai. For god sake! The makers need to move out of that era and be realistic.

Also, it was absurd to see how BIG FM indulged in tarnishing its brand image as the movie showed its senior executives in quite a bad light. Not expected from a brand like BIG FM.

The only impressive performance in the film was delivered by Davvy Singh who donned a turbanned look. He acted well and made us want to see him more onscreen.

Overall Verdict – You can surely miss this one without a second thought. Save money for a better movie.

Rating - 1/5 (Pathetic)

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