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Lahoriye Film Review : Amberdeep's Debut Directorial Brings Alive Cross Cultural Romance In The Most Sophisticated Way! 

Amberdeep Singh's 'Lahoriye' is a perfect example of a film made with the right kind of intentions.

Director : Amberdeep Singh

Starcast : Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta, Yuvraj Hans, Nimrat Khaira, Nirmal Rishi, Gugu Gill, Hobby Dhaliwal, Rajiv Dhingra

When we saw Lahoriye's trailer, we could guess that there's much more to the story than just love across political borders and we were right! 

Lahoriye is a smartly made family entertainer that will make you hear murmurs while walking towards the exit that 'Ik minute vi bore ni kita film ne'. Very unlike the Mahesh Bhatt presentation 'Dushman', Lahoriye touches the deeper chords but with utmost sensitivity. This film is one of those few releases that Punjabis would cherish and it might even get the visa officers of both the countries busy in the coming days, thanks to the nostalgia it provokes. 

Very close to reality, Lahoriye softly brushes on the emotions that our grandparents conveyed to us through their partition stories. Though we've always heard them and felt sorry over their plight but deep down, after seeing Lahoriye, this one feeling that has suddenly erupted is that some houses and hidden treasures are surely still awaiting their true owners, be it in India or in Pakistan. Political borders have left many with nothing but memories of those days gone by.

Lahoriye is the story of a clerk named Kikkar Singh (Amrinder Gill) and Ameera (Sargun Mehta) who fall in love across the borders. Their families are somewhat of the same kinds and the inside story is something that I will not reveal because that's for you to see and enjoy. 

Amrinder Gill has yet again proved that his soft, cute, chocolate boy image works best for him and he is pretty natural as Kikkar Singh. His smile is undoubtedly magical and the chemistry he's shared with Sargun has grown tremendously, now that this duo has done 3 films together already. 

Sargun Mehta is a true actor, who performs her characters by getting skin deep into them. Her eyes speak for her and her expressions are truly commendable. Her onscreen pairing with Amrinder has already been accepted by the audiences with open arms and from what I can see, the couple could be termed as a perfect onscreen fit for each other, very much like SRK-Kajol. 

A special mention has to be made here for an actor who was excellent in his role. I am talking about Yuvraj Hans. Too good a choice for his character. His centre parting and shalwar kurta made him look every bit of a Pakistani lad and his eyes and dialogues made his character way to close to an original from that soil. 

The rest of the characters have been planted thoughtfully and did their parts convincingly well. 

The only misfit in the film was the debut actor Nimrat Khaira. I feel she still needs to polish her acting skills and should strictly avoid a centre parted hairstyle as it makes her cheeks look very chubby. 

Also, the scene where both the oldies meet, towards the end, could have been a little more dramatic. The whole sequence of homecoming and haveli finding makes one teary eyed but the tears seem to dry out in no time because the jhappi pa mere yaara type scene happened immediately and in the dark. 

Amberdeep as a director has lived up to my expectations and I look forward to seeing more films under his direction. I would truly hope that he tries to show his skills in urban love stories as well as the modern generation also needs to see stories that happen around them in real life. 

Overall, Lahoriye is a very satisfying family film that will make you feel like going back in time and getting those who've left for their heavenly abode a visa to visit their motherland atleast once before they breathe their last. If not more then you'll atleast feel a tiny pinch in your heart for those who were left homeless during those unfortunate times. 


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