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Aatishbaazi Ishq Review: An Ill-Conceived, Extra Stretchy Love Triangle

 I finally got the time to watch Mahie Gill's debut production 'Aatishbaazi Ishq' which released on the 14th of October, that is, yesterday!

Starring Mahie Gill, Roshan Prince, debutante Ravinder, B.N Sharma, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Tanya Abrol and others, this one is basically a love story of Veera and Fateh which gets a third angle when Jigar steps in. Veera (Mahie) plays a hockey coach and Fateh (Roshan Prince) happens to be a boxer. The third character Jigar (Ravinder) is a wrestler.

Talking about the good points of the movie:

1.The first half managed to make us sit till the interval.

2.Roshan Prince looked miserably good in the film. The toned up body and well managed facial hair, basically the Bas Tu look, made him stand out from the rest of the cast.

3.Mahie Gill delivered a loud and crisp performance as a desi hockey coach - pretty believable.

4.The romantic song picturised on Mahie and Roshan was melodious
5.The storyline was well thought of

6.Tanya Abrol was pretty apt for her character as Roshan Prince's oversized sister.

7.B.N Sharma has given yet another polished performance as Veera's father.

After the goods here are the bads which spoiled the fun of this fiery love triangle:

    • The title Aatishbaazi Ishq didn't really go well with the storyline..dunno why but I thought that there should have been more to the story for the title to be justified.

    • Debut actor Ravinder has a lot of potential but was not used well by the Director.

    • The unwanted tattoos painted/pasted on the chest of both the male actors seemed quite distracting, especially the boxing gloves on Roshan's chest. :-\\

  •  DSP training shown in the movie has a song which took me back in time to Bhaag Milkha Bhaag's havan krenge. The choreographer seemed to have been inspired by that song but the final output was pretty weak because it kinda made fun of the Punjab Police training staff where at one point the officer in charge is delivering a final speech saying that Punjab nu nasha mukt bnao and blah blah and next moment he's seen all drunk with quite a good quantity of alcohol in the academy and dancing like ewww with his trainees! (Not acceptable)
  • Jigar Brar's story was too unconvincing and the camera work that his character needed, was not up to the level. The pagalpan couldn't really connect well I mean oh passion missing si..I wasn't getting scared of his character's madness, which probably is the reason why the actor felt like the weakest link in the movie.
    • Both Fateh and Jigar are seen meeting at a place but it wasn't such a strong bond that the latter was invited to the function and he even turned up..whelli janta!

    • The second half was so stretchy that I kept looking at my watch and wondering hor kini der bethna pau!

So finally, here's our rating for the movie - 2/5 **

The theatre we watched the film had 4 people including 2 of us :-(

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