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The much anticipated, ‘Kali Jotta’ has hit the theatres which stars Satinder Sartaaj, Neeru Bajwa, Wamiqa Gabbi, Sukhwinder Chahal, Savinderpal Vicky, Rupinder Kaur, Parkash Gadhu, Anita Devgn, Balwinder Bullet, CJ Singh, Ramandeep Jagga, Nikita Grover, Prince KJ, Harf Cheema, Prabh Grewal, Ankur Verma, Raj Dhaliwal and more. Now don’t mistake all these names for a multi-starrer film because these many names do not even appear for seconds in the film.

So, unfortunately, I’ve finally watched ‘Kali Jotta’ in the theatre and I’m so sorry about that. Although, first half of the film had already bored me lest I knew the second half would leave me regretting!

Neeru Bajwa ne performance wala sirra laya hoya, she looks beautiful in the role of ‘Rabia’ but I couldn’t understand her basic problem.

Satinder Sartaaj, as the second lead, appeared in the role of ‘Deedar’ who is Rabia’s love interest. As soon as he appears on screen, his natural cuteness and shy expressions makes you fall in love with him but sadly his character is written so hollow that even he couldn’t save it.

Now, let’s talk about Wamiqa Gabbi’s character, Anant, Rabia’s student who studied in a government school becomes a lawyer. She is still pursuing her studies. Every time Wamiqa’s appearance on screen leaves us infuriated over her makeup ke wamiqa jahe khoobsurat chehre nu ehna vigaad ke dikhan di ki lorh si. In fact, her hairstyle made Anant’s entire look so shabby that it appeared as if anant ta shayad nahaundi vi ni…So bad!

It's better to not talk about Rupinder Rupi and Parkash Gadhu who were seen in the role of Rabia’s parents.

Talking about the story, Rabia lives her life to the fullest in college who loves Deedar. Both could never express their love and hence move on in life. Years after, both meet as school teachers and once again love penetrates. Rabia constantly makes sketches and meanwhile Rabia gets mentally sick leading to a high intensity drama. Anant rushes around looking for justice for her. I’m not sure if justice was served or not. The story appeared simple but ended up fooling the audience.

Written by Harinder Kour, the film is directed by Vijay Kumar Arora and Sunny Raj, Varun Arora, Sarla Rani and Santosh Thite have jointly produced it.

For me, the first turn off was a lawyer speaking wrong about a colleague in the courtroom practice and where is this university where lawyers go to study in boxer shorts? Let me tell you, Anant's professor issued her the warning, indicating that the college was officially on.

I felt very offended and I am sure people associated with judiciary would also feel the same.

Wamiqa’s appearance was also a turn off because her character was neither relevant nor believable, nor did she appear appealing. Rather it was only loud and probing, till the interval, the characters were not believable at all upron ehne saare gaane paatey vich.

 While Rabia’s over-enthusiasm is annoying, her beauty attracts. Had there been no Satinder Sartaaj song in Deedar-Rabia romance, the film would have fell flat. You would watch first half of the film only because of sir Sartaaj's gayaki de maya jaal. Post-interval looks of Rabia reminded me of Simi Garewal from ‘Karz’ and I must say Neeru should try these looks in some other horror film and I am being very serious…. the look was good and scary!

Throughout the story, certain people had affected Rabia’s mental health, including her beloved Deedar, her father who abandoned her to live with a careless and bad brother, her students who would torture her, and the school principal and staff who threatened her.

Doesn’t she deserve justice from them, and wasn’t Deedar equally responsible for Rabia’s mental anguish BECAUSE she had already accepted that Deedar would never return, but he returned and left again, and this was the prime cause of her disturbance.

We know the principal and the male staff already had bad intentions but when she was called in the room, couldn’t she see that the alcohol is already being consumed in the room? Why did she not run away from the room?

On the other hand, talking about the females, Rabia’s mother, Puri madam and her friend who moved to London, aren’t they responsible for her mental harassment? Ohdi friend ta ajehi nikli ke 16 saalan to Rabia pagal khane hai te usnu khabar hee nahi….wah!

 In addition to this, how come Anant was so attached to Rabia that she started searching for her? Okay, even if she was looking for her what was the need of including this sketch book thing? ehni ki gal ta sidhi dasdeni si ke school ch harass hoyi si.

What was even more stupid was that you made the audience believe throughout the entire movie that Rabia had been sexually abused but changed the entire story in the end.Basically, nothing had happened, she was threatened then why all the drama??

The boys who had seen couldn’t also tell Anant that bhene hoya kujh ni si bus madam nu kursi naal bannke dhmkaya gya si and on the either side the sir had urinated…. utter stupidity!

The mental stability of a lively girl like Rabia couldn’t be compromised for such a stupidity. The story was weak. After 16 long years, they came to her aid and all these years neither Deedar nor her friend looked for her.

Had it not been for Anant, Deedar was spending time in the fields or he suddenly felt ke janani ta chadd gayi chalo hun ex-lover kol chalde han je labhgayi ta.

On top of that, I was quite disappointed with the choice of the casting director for the characters he offered to the amazing actors like Prince KJ, Anita Devgn and Balwinder Bullet.

Prince KJ completely wasted, looking at Anita and Balwinder’s character, I was like, thoda ohna de stature baare socho….agley bohot agge ne ehna chote kirdaaran ton....kuch chajj da likh lende ohna layi, what have you made them in the film? Mentally ill? And all these mentally ill people are singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at Rekhi ji’s cake cutting scene…bade syane paagal ne baiji!

The film’s screenplay and DOP work were both weak. I’m extremely disappointed with the movie as a whole because the entire story was ruined.

If you’re making a movie about a social issue, at the very least do an in-depth analysis before you start shooting. Don’t mock such serious issues just for the sake of stories. Mental harassment is a very big crime and covering it under the umbrella of sexual abuse is very disheartening. The three-year sentence rendered the film’s entire plot point useless. The 16-year torture that Rabia endured should have been considered by the creators.

I hope you’ll learn from your mistakes and now if you have watched the film then watch it again and see…kya eh galtiyan tuhanu nahi si chubhdiyan??

Lots of love and respect to Sartaaj for the music of the film. Thanks for making me sit through the film. Producers’ nu mere vallon benti ke please content jaancho fer invest kro. Dhanvaad!

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