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Bhajjo Veero Ve


Release Date: 16 December 2018 (Delayed)

Starcast: Amberdeep Singh, Simi Chahal, Gugu Gill, Hardeep Gill, Nirmal Rishi, Yaad Grewal, and more.

Produced by: Karaj Gill and Talwinder Hayre

Directed By: Amberdeep Singh

Written By: Amberdeep Singh

Storyline: Bhajjo Veero Ve, earlier titled Car Reebna Wali, is the story of a poor man who falls in love with a rich girl. He is the youngest of the four brothers who are all bachelors and desperately want to get married. Convinced that their youngest brother's found just the right girl for himself, they go to the girl's family to seek her hand in marriage but the girl's father demands that they find a relative of themselves before they talk any further about the marriage. The journey to find a lost relative and finally get married to the loved one is what this film is all about.

Review: Now here's a film that was retitled, delayed and finally when it came on screen, we were left 'aargh-struck'! We questioned the staff of the theatre as to why the film's release got postponed and they plainly said 'madam package ni aya si' which they further elaborated by saying that the film was waiting for the censor certificate which came late. Oh! Aren't we so used to this unprofessionalism now...Punjabi makers, I tell you.

Anyways, there it starts, purposely giving the opening credits in Punjabi language, the makers would have thought that it'll be a way of attracting the rural population but chalo koina agge chalde aa. The film starts by introducing the three brothers and their desperation to get married. The eldest thinks he's already a husband and has two sons, the middle one drives doli vaali car and the third one is the home maker who milk's his buffalo wearing a dupatta (wonder when a buffalo saw a female in that house to get used to one that she needed to be milked by someone wearing a dupatta duh!). After the not so funny sarcasm is spilled onscreen, we get introduced to a college pass out couple Amberdeep and Simi Chahal who look like an undigestible combo. Their scenes are stretched and leave you with no empathy towards a couple that's practically and financially incompatible. 

Till the interval all we see is these brothers who try hard to provoke giggles by their marital desperation and yeah Amberdeep's character (Bhoora) trying to get their nod for his marriage. So, one fine day, Simi (Sumeet in the film) drops in to their dilapidated house and that's when they realise that she's the perfect choice for Bhoora ( Just because she saves them from the cops) and finally go to her house to talk about this couple's wedding. 

The family demands a relative from the boy's side but having none, they are shown the door. The deal is to find a relative and return with their ring finger measurement if they wish to get Sumeet married to Bhoora. 

The ordeal of them finding their mama and finally settling differences with him was boring and uninteresting. Some points which we specifically thought should be mentioned is:

  • How could Sumeet find that house worth living for a person who lives in such a lavish bungalow?
  • What attracted her to Bhoora? (Any specific quality)
  • How were the brothers earning?
  • How come no one ever talked about their parents to them even though the mother had shifted her base to this village years ago. 
  • The elderly died before giving out details and all he said was Gurudwara, how did they find out which Gurughar it was?
  • In Rajasthan, how come no one spoke the regional language? 
  • How come the girl was only offered to tie Rakhdi by these two men, how come so many others never offered this to her?

A lot of misses and unwanted sequences make one question the vision of the director while making this film. 

Direction: Amberdeep's vision for this film stands questioned. The film lacks conviction and has severe flaws. At some places, there is a bad low which makes you sink in your seat. A lot of characters and situations are there in the film that make you fell ' ke yaar ki kri jande aa eh'. Also, the connect with characters and situations is sadly missing. 

Actors: Amberdeep - Not an actor material, atleast not as a lead face. He looked shabby and his characterization was unconvincing, leaving no impact on us at all. 

Simi Chahal - Wasted! She had simply nothing to do in this film that to sound extra sweet and smile with her denture totally exposed. 

The Brothers were good but they couldn't really do much for the film as a whole.

Gugu Gill: Dashing as ever, Guru Gill was a treat for the eyes but even he was not used optimally. His introduction and his framing was done to evoke adrenaline rush but nothing really happened to us on the inside. His character needed more treatment by the director. 

None of the others made an impact. 

Music - Nothing much in the film to hum. The songs were average and the background score jumped suddenly, was not smooth.

Even the titles of the film, Car Reebna Wali or Bhajjo Veero Ve, do not stand justified with the content presented. It could have rather been titled 'Chaddeyan Di Joon Khraab' to give it more sense.

Verdict: This film might literally make you say Bhajjo from the theatre Veero Ve! 

Rating -  0.5/5 (Wastage of time and money) 

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