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Vadda Kalakaar


Release Date: 28 December 2018 

Starcast: Alfaaz, Roopi Gill, Yograj Singh, Nirmal Rishi, Harby Sangha, Malkit Rouni, Deedar Gill, BN Sharma, Jassi Kaur, and more.

Produced by: Parul Katyal Films & Red Castle Motions Pictures

Directed By: Kuldeep Kaushik

Written By: Deedar Gill

Storyline: The story revolves around a man named Makhan who is born to an ardent fan of Yograj Singh, Makhan's father. He falls in love with a girl Malki but to get married to her, he must get settled in life. Disheartened and dejected Makhan, meets his childhood friend Kaanta (who happens to have connections in the Bombay film industry), who promises to help him by making a big budget film with Makhan in the lead. Now whether the film gets made or not is what the climax is, so that you'll have to go and watch yourself.

Review: Since the day this film's shoot started, I was of the opinion that Alfaaz being cast in lead by someone and that too after quite a long gap from his last film, is a dicey idea. Then Alfaaz's look from the film got leaked and to me, he looked promisingly comic. I thought that there could be a novel subject waiting for me in the theatre when I walk in to watch Vadda Kalakaar. But little did I know that I'd be finding a disprin soon after watching this film. 

Vadda Kalakaar is an over dramatic, over acted and ill-visioned project that has been put together unconvincingly with an amateurish thought process. 

This one was more of an ego massage to Yograj Singh the actor as he was busy enacting himself as a die hard fan of himself in the film, that too by doing it in the most over the top way. 

The love story was a total turn off as in the era when people didn't even have a VCR, here's a couple that openly paoing pyaar diyan peengha everywhere and no one really notices. The first half of the film shows Alfaaz as a nothing and and by the end, he is a one movie fame actor who is still nothing more than a man who wants to get married to the girl he loves, and walks into a tent where only the other suitor recognises him as the Makan who is an actor and that's about one else gives a sh*t!

At some points, one feels that the film seeks inspiration from Akshay Katrina's Tees Maar Khaan but once you watch it, it makes you realise that TMK was a hundred times better than this one. The title Vadda Kalakaar basically throughout the film has been used a mockery to the losers that Makhan and his father were. There is so much garbage presented as screenplay that one completely loses his mind asking just one simple question to the person sitting on the seat next to him 'Yaar eh kri ki jarhe ne..yani kitho vi kuj vi!"

The dialect was contradictory, the costumes were ill fitted and the binding ingredient in the film was totally amiss. Most of the scenes are pasted like a sudden thud in the game of Tetris. How can an entire village be unaware of a shoot happening in their surrounding? How could Makhan not know that Kaanta is such a thug when the entire village is after his life for their money? Why did the director need another producer to make Makhan's film when he was already given 10 lakh? 

Direction: Kuldeep Kaushik has probably lost out on his focus while making this film or maybe he was not there at the time of it's final edit. The film totally lacks a sense of conviction leave aside connect. The scenes are a puzzle put into the box haphazardly. The director seems to have collected a lot of jewels to finally do nothing else but throw them in a swamp which not only pulls the actors and the team down but also suffocates the audiences. The failure of Vadda Kalakaar is majorly because it was not treated right from the direction point of view.

Actors: None of the actors did bad work but yes, if they're made to do exaggerated scenes then it is obvious that their acts will be seen as overdone. Alfaaz's character Makhan was not inappropriate for him but seems like the man was not given the exact feed for the character's presentation onscreen. Seemed like he was told ke ja krna hai krke aaja. This is where he lacked. He could have done his part better if only he would have been guided well. 

Roopi Gill was a treat to watch but she surely had the same problem. He diction was much better than many others in the league but the accent does leak through the words that role the tongue. She certainly needs to work on her dialogue delivery. I feel that after 2 to 3 more movies, Roopi could be in the top league of actresses. 

Yograj Singh and Nirmal Rishi's Love Punjab chemistry has been time and again attempted for revival but none of the other directors have managed to pull that 'thing' from them ever since. Yograj Singh's character was given too much screen time which worked against his character and Nirmal Rishi was given the typical loud-mouthed character, which I personally am tired of seeing. The lady is capable of much more than this. 

BN Sharma - Totally wasted. By the way, can someone please explain why he was speaking in that weird language throughout the film when he could speak in Punjabi??

Jassi Kaur - Not worth another film if she wants to continue acting this way.

Deedar Gill - As an actor he's done his bit well but again, his character confused me as a viewer. What shade did his character have? Negative? Positive? Grey? pta ni ki dikhana chaunde si Director sahib es character through!

Music - The songs of Vadda Kalakaar are hummable and one could play them for light listening. The promotional track, in the end, was foot tapping.

Verdict: Vadda Kalakaar is an overstretched patience check exercise which seems to never end! 

Rating:0.5/5 (Totally Avoid)

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