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Rabb Da Radio 2


Movie: Rabb Da Radio 2

Release Date: 29 March 2019

Starcast: Tarsem Jassar, Simi Chahal, BN Sharma, Avtar Gill, Nirmal Rishi, Jagjeet Sandhu, Harby Sangha, Gurpreet Bhangu, Shivandra Mahal, Sunita Dhir, Tania, Baljinder Kaur and more

Producer: Manpreet Johal & Ashu Munish Sahni

Director: Sharan Art

Story: Jass Grewal

Synopsis: Rabb Da Radio 2 is a mesh of multiple stories in inter-related families. Primarily, it revolves around Manjinder's (Tarsem Jassar) maternal uncles. Due to some reason Manjinder's father and his eldest mamaji have an argument and after 16 years of their drift, Manjinder and Guddi (Simi Chahal), the freshly married couple, plan to go and see them. They find out that the mamas are parting ways due to their personal conflicts and the main reason behind it is the marriage of one of their daughters to an NRI groom. How the story unfolds and what happens finally is what you will see in this film.

Review: Rabb Da Radio 2 is the only true sequel that we've seen in recent times. Where many makers just use the title to make a film based on a completely different story, here the makers have actually carried forward the story from where they had left it in the prequel. But one thing that has gone against this film is a mix of too many things. Basically, the director has tried to use a lot of elements to make this story seem close to reality but in the desperation to make it more believable, the lustre of the film went for a toss. 

Lead actor Tarsem Jassar looked handsome in the film but that is all that the film has from him. His acting was weak and so was his character in the film. At one point when his character is seen arguing with his father is when you feel that the character is not the most likable kinds. His presence in the film was not similar to any other side actor and nothing meaty came afloor from his character. Rather, we thought that this one can be termed as his weakest performance so far. 

Simi Chahal is best suited for characters like these. The first half of the film shows this newlywed couple's chemistry. Most of the first half is about Guddi's fascination with her 'oh-so-handsome' husband whom she keeps staring literally all the time. The second half gives us some annoying glimpses of Guddi's childishness which does not really go down well. After all, a married girl and that too in a family that is so class conscious had to have a character that is wiser. From stone pelting to playing hopscotch and spilling lassi on people, Guddi does it all and it really isn't something that provokes giggles or even liking for her character in this film. 

The other star cast has acted okayish but the ones who stood out for me were Tania and Gurpreet Bhangu. Tania looked simple yet beautiful in the film and her acting was pretty controlled. Her expressions did not leak anywhere in the film and she outshined Simi in every frame that both these girls shared. Tania is surely going a long way. 

Gurpreet Bhangu is a veteran Punjabi actress and needs no introduction. In this film, she has played the role of a typical rural wife of the eldest son of the house and she has done a remarkable job. Her dialogue delivery and body language were applaudable. 

Actors like Jagjeet Sandhu, Harby Sangha and Raghveer Boli have been totally wasted in this film.

Director Sharan Art seems to have lost direction while helming Rabb Da Radio 2. He has tried to inculcate intra and inter-family disputes, NRI marriages and a lot more in this film but has failed to create an impact with either of the angles. The story and screenplay could have been crisper and the first half could have been more of a film than Tarsem Jassar's showreel. 

The dialogues in this film are forced at some places, especially during the father-son argument. Some of the dialogues are said only to impress the audience but none of them could actually impress us. 

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The music of this film is average and except for the title track's hook line, there's nothing much that stayed with us after watching Rabb Da Radio 2. 

Verdict: Rabb Da Radio 2 is for hardcore Tarsem Jassar fans but if you are planning to watch this film just because you've loved Rabb Da Radio, then you should rethink before booking the tickets this time. Mandy Takhar's presence in the film was badly missed. 

Rating - 2/5 (not the best choice for the weekend)

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