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Teri Meri Jodi


The much-hyped Sidhu Moosewala debut film Teri Meri Jodi got released yesterday. It stars newbies Sammy Gill, Monica Sharma, King B Chouhan, Sammy Gill, Jazzy, Arshdeep Purba and veterans like Yograj Singh, Vijay Tandon, and more. It is written and directed by Aditya Sood and produced by Harmandeep Sood.

Release Date: 13 September 2019

Director: Aditya Sood

Synopsis: Teri Meri Jodi is a film that's primarily a storytelling sequence that goes back and forth in time. The major story revolves around a character named Daani from the era, nearly 50 years back, and the modern angle is shown through a character named Majnu who is love with a foreigner from a rich family. Daani is actually Majnu's grandfather and how both the stories have been connected together, is for you to watch. 

Review: First and foremost, nope this is not Sidhu Moosewala's debut film. The little that he's been used in this film was extremely disappointing. Teri Meri Jodi was one of those films jisde trailer to hee pta lgreha si that isn't worth watching but seeing the confidence of director Aditya Sood on his product, we felt that there could be something in the full-length feature that made him say things "I'm sure audience will love the film", and "I'll stop making films if people don't like Teri Meri Jodi", and more. 

The film starts with King B Chouhan's character Majnu who is shown to be in love with a gori. The gori is given Punjabi dialogues which she can barely speak but the pind da munda Majnu does have a foreign slang in his English. Anyways, what follows is a disrespectfully loud relationship between Majnu and his parents and then the angle of his sister (Naaz Gill) is also shown. This sister and her husband are shown as a greedy pair who are only on a lookout for shagans and nothing else. Here, it is worth mentioning that the gori (Jazzy) was seen on a rooftop which did not look like that of a lavish house. (ehda relevance baadch dsange). 

So in the constant quarrel between the father and son, Majnu's pardada (Yograj Singh), who is coma since the last 5 years, gains conscious when he hears a particular dialogue that he once said to his own son Daani (Majnu's Dada). Right after he wakes up, in the next scene he's seen reading a book and then starts the storytelling session when he tells Majnu not to lie to his beloved. This beloved has actually got engaged to him a while ago. She's the daughter of a rich Canadian family but from the roof that the actress was on, lagda nahi si ke ehne raees hone waise! (Relevance of the earlier statement)

Daani's story is shown from here, though from an era nearly 50 years ago, but it's difficult to distinguish between both the eras thanks to the modernization in both stories. Monica plays his love interest and her opening scene shows her ruining a wall with a disastrous artwork which says teri meri jodi. Daani's footsteps scare her even in heavy daylight and in the second half of the movie, she's seen crying at the same location, even at night without any fear (nakli)

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Sammi Gill as Daani was a better watch that the other debutante. He had his act in control yet his hair covered his face most of the time. He is shown to have a sister who is to be married to a greedy family in a village 2 km away from theirs and it is all about this wedding that makes this story go round and round. In Daani's entire story, the director has pushed in a lot of emotions, twists, father-son angle, mama bhanja angle, a dacoit bride angle but none manage to make things digestible for the viewer. Daani is primarily shown to be a drunkard for no particular reason. Not just this, most of the time he's seen being brutally beaten up his father, the same man who is shown to fold his hands in front of nearly everyone in the film. (our thoughts, Yograj Ji should have done the same to Aditya when he was offered the film - Mainu maaf krdo)

Just when we thought that this entire bull crap that we've been bearing since the last 3 hours would make some sense in the end, the director struck back with super confidence by showing that we'll have to wait for the part 2 of this film to make sense of all this khichdi. (saada dimag ni khrab ke hun dooji vi dekhange!)

Too many songs and bad choreography made this film even more unbearable. The costumes were a disaster and so was the background score. Sidhu Moosewala's angle in the film was dhakke naal paya hoya and jugni's character made no sense to me at all.

King B Chouhan and Karam Kaur overacted while Sammi and Monica did a fairly good job. Kids must not watch this film because edech dikhai badtameezi shayad hee tusi apne bcheya nu sikhauni chahoge. Last but not least, why did the respective fathers agree to marry their daughters off to both Daani and Majnu when none of them did anything for a living? Vehle, drunkards and financially unstable men getting married to girls from really well off families - nonsense thought.

Going by the words of the director Aditya Sood, if he is a man of his words, he must not make any more Punjabi films. Atleast after watching Oye Hoye Pyaar Ho Gya and Teri Meri Jodi, any one and everyone would say the same thing as us. 

Verdict: A jma ee raddi film which is a khichdi with no particular aim and reason is what Teri Meri Jodi is. Bad screenplay, bad storyline, bad acting, bad direction and literally bad everything makes this film a bad watch. Don't waste your money on this film atleast, not even for Sidhu Moosewala.

Rating: 0.5 / 5 (the half mark is only for Sammi and Monica's performance and the title track of the film)

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