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Oh Teri Di! Check Out This Freshly Turned Punjabi Actress Flaunting Her Bikini Look!

By: Gurleen | February 21, 2018

Though she is a very popular TV actress but has stepped into the world of Punjabi movies, probably she doesn't know that Punjabi expect their actresses to be more sanskari when it comes to being anywhere in the even in the sea! 

O Chal Oe! We think that Punjabis nowadays have become way more open minded than anyone else and from what we see, the Vekh Baraatan Chaliyan actress looks amazing in her latest pictures. Just check out that well toned bod..I mean she must be really working out to be in that shape, considering the fact that she's a mother of one.

Her recent pictures are from Goa. She's currently enjoying a vacation there with her husband, Ronnit Biswas and from what it looks like, they are having quite a good time. She is seen enjoying the waters and from what we know, she's quite a water babe. Unlike many others who pose in a sultry look for the pictures, Kavita's pictures prompt you to hunt for a sea side vacation right away.

Check out Kavita Kaushik's Bikini Pictures:





And we totally agree that there's nothing sexier than slow motion! 



A while ago, there were rumours that Ms. Kaushik has been approached for the new season of The Game Of Thrones. According to some publications, The actress received a message that read, "Hi, this is Nina Gold - Casting Director. I am casting for the next season of Game of Thrones and we are on a last minute casting hunt for a Indian face for a lead character of Indian princess. Let me know if you're interested? It's a 64 days schedule from 8th March 2018 in Iceland/Ireland/Croatia and Switzerland." Kavita posted a screenshot of the message and wrote fraud in bold letters on the picture. She even gave an apt reply to the sender. So, putting the rumours to rest, the actress openly said that it was a fraudulent message and she was not going to be a part of the Hollywood show anytime soon...but kina swaad au na if she actually gets onboard their cast.

Last seen as Sarla in Vekh Baraatan Chaliyan, Kavita made quite an impactful debut as a Haryanavi girl and now she's made it to another level in the industry by being cast opposite Gurdas Maan in his upcoming flick Nankana. 

Let's hope that we get to see more of this confident and talented actress in the Punjabi Cinema.

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