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'Only Comedy' And No Sensible Content Will Make Pollywood A Dull Industry. Agree?

By: Amrinder | July 18, 2018

This year, yet again, Punjabi industry seems to be going in the dark phase of ‘only comedy films’ and we fear that after successful and content rich two years, Punjabi industry is yet again stuck in the swamp of baseless comedies.

This year, comedy seems to be ruling the box office. Carry on Jatta 2 has become the biggest grosser in with a record revenue of Rs 60 Cr within one month of its release.

Going by the content it offered, was it really the best Punjabi movie ever made??

Ask the makers and they’ll say yes but if the same question is put across to other makers from the industry then they’ll stomp their feet and say that we’ve made better projects than this one but don’t know why ours hasn’t gained this much at the box office.

Not just this, films with some really commendable stars have flunked at the box office and some with nothing but crass, vulgar and sexist dialogues in the name of comedy over the last few years, have been boasting of big figures.

Punjab is a land where every household has a story to tell. Heer-Ranjha, Mirza-Sahiba, Amrita-Imroz, and many other celebrated romances have been passed on through generations as ideal love stories. But now, we are stuck with nothing much but bizarre comedy.

Today’s audience wants films to be like a tissue paper – use and throw!

They want to see the film, laugh and that’s it. If a film teaches them something, it becomes preachy and if a film talks about a chapter from history then it is tagged as ‘dark’. Overall, the impact on the film is that the word of mouth spreads in such a manner that no one wants to go to the theatre to watch it. They’d rather wait for its TV premier, which is now happening within a month or two of the film’s release, on some channels. 

The youth just does not want to use their brain to understand the film’s storyline. For those who are serious cinema lovers, nothing much is now being offered because makers are scared to invest in content rich projects, yet again.

During the last 2 years some very successful content rich films were made but now…nothing but comedy seems to work!

Those from the industry who are moving to other states in the country in relation to their projects and to promote their Punjabi content are looked down upon as representatives of that industry which strives only on baseless comedy and nothing else.

There was a time when Malayalam films were all about slapstick jokes and unethical portrayal of women but now, that cinema has made some of the best films that have garnered global appreciation.

There was a time when Manmohan Singh-Harbhajan Maan team gave youth films that they wanted to see. Those films highlighted practical issues faced by youngsters in Punjab and overseas. People related to such films and many even thought that those films were life changing.

Now, things are all jumbled up. If the film is a period drama then it is all about a marriage scenario, if it is a war film then it’s all about just one man and if it is a comedy then it is baseless.

As a result, the ongoing trend of similar movies has moved away serious producers and film makers from our industry and we are left with nothing but the same kind of dialogues and the same faces in every second film.

Time to wake up.


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