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Amber Vashisht's Track To Feature In A Bollywood Movie, But Why Is He Upset??

By: Prakriti | September 14, 2018

Remember the song Akhiyan Nu Akhiyan, which became an instant hit and was one of the top hits of the year 2013? It's the same song that featured in super hit movie Jatt and Juliet 2 starring Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa, which was loved by the audience. The song was sung by a new boy named Amber Vashisht who even won the PTC Film Award for Best Play Back Singer the same year for this song. 'Akhiyan Nu Akhiyan' was one of those few songs which trended on YouTube contionously during that time and became one of the top downloaded songs on iTunes and many such platforms.

What better start for a new comer than this? But now, five years down the line, we don’t see Amber in the main stream Punjabi industry. The man isn’t doing anymore Punjabi playbacks, just working with single tracks.

But why?

We contacted the singer exclusively and asked him about the reason why he left play back singing in Punjabi industry and also, what's upsetting him regarding the industry and he talked to us about much more.

Here are the excerpts:

Akhiyan Nu Akhiyan was such a big hit, what made you leave playback singing in Punjabi industry?

Akhiyan is one of my biggest achievements in Punjabi industry. It is one of my finest works for which I had worked really hard. As god had it, the song became such a big hit but later after I worked with few more movies as play back singers like Mundeyan Toh Bachkay Rahin, Happy Go Lucky, I realised that the market for playback singers was declining in Punjab. Producers were being smart to cast singers as actors and used their songs in the movies. This was the real reason what made play back singing fade away from Punjabi industry. Due to lack of work and market, I left playback singing and then I started off with single tracks. My singles are doing pretty well now and I am happy about that.

Why did you have a gap of one full year when you had quit play back singing before moving to single tracks?

One of the saddest incidents of my life had happened and I lost my  father during that year. I wasn’t in a state of mind to work. I took a break and then came back to pursue my singing in the following year.

Are you disappointed by the industry's attitude towards playback singers?

Of course, I am upset. The market of play back singing died too quick. I was young when I started and I could do single tracks which featured me but what about those artists who can’t?

Talent hasn’t been explored well in the industry. There are great artists like Kamaal Khan, Feroz Khan and Master Saleem who can lift the movie's music by their play backs but the industry isn't using them well. Makers just want to save money and take the maximum out of the hero, who himself happens to be a singer in most of the cases. 

Tell us about your upcoming projects

I have much lined up. I am doing my single tracks which aren’t though not very famous in Punjab but are doing extremely well in Delhi and other areas. Recently, one of my songs named 'Je Tu Na Miliya' got featured on T-series Mixtape. It has also been placed in a Bollywood movie but I can’t reveal it's name yet. I am a signed artist at T-series and we have been planning many things for the coming months.

Do you want to try your hands in acting as well?

I haven’t thought about that yet. I am busy doing something I love. At the moment, I want to make good music and reach places because of my music. Music has been my passion and I want to pursue it. I don’t want to be deviated from this path..just want to focus on my music career for now.

Well, it is really sad to see how talented artists like Amber lose inerest in their own home industry just because their talent isn't explored due to lack of work. But one can never stop a talented artist from paving his way to success. We wish Amber Vashisht all the best for his upcoming projects.

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