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Singer Mika In Dubai Jail, Charges Of Sexual Harassment Filed Against Him

By: News Desk | December 7, 2018

Punjabi and Bollywood singer Mika Singh is known to be a controversial artist and every second day there's something or the other that the artist is engulfed in. 

Now, news has come afloor that Mika was recently in Dubai and he was taken in custody. Charges against him are that he's sexually harassed a 17-year-old Brazilian girl. 

Mika was in Dubai for a show when charges of sexual harassment were filed against him. On Wednesday, nearly 3 AM early morning, he was taken into custody. The complainant is a model by profession. 

The complainant has said in her statement that Mika used to send her illicit pictures which is why she had to file a complaint against him.

At the moment, getting Mika out of jail is what is primarily being worked upon. 


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