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Navaniat Singh Confesses The Level Of Expectations From Singham Punjabi Are Way Too High!

By: Prakriti | January 9, 2019

In this boom period of Punjabi industry, many big investors are showing interest in our regional cinema. To prove my statement right we have the remake of Ajay Devgn's super hit movie Singham being made in Punjabi. The Punjabi version is produced by Kumar Mangat Pathak and Abhishek Pathak. It is presented by Ajay Devgn and will be released under the banner of Panorama Studios.

The movie has Parmish Verma playing the lead role and opposite him, Kartar Cheema plays the villain. The leading lady in the movie is Sonam Bajwa. The movie is directed by Navaniat Singh who has given movies like Mel Karde Rabba, Singh Vs Kaur, Jindua and Shareek in the past few years.

Having such a huge responsibility of making the remake of a blockbuster film that too an Ajay Devgn starrer is surely pressurizing. Talking to Ghaintpunjab, Navaniat confessed the amount of pressure he's under, and also promises to deliver the same level of energy as the Rohit Shetty original. 

Navaniat, what is the kind of pressure that you are feeling now that you've taken the responsibility of making a remake of such a big movie?

The responsibility is huge and it comes with a lot of pressure too. The audience has certain kind of expectations from the movie as they have seen the original version. Both the south Indian version and the Bollywood version have created bench marks. I hope that my work reaches the same level too.

Did you have to make any changes to the film's original script?

I have surely molded the script in a way which is more relatable to the Punjabi audience. These cinematic liberties have just made the movie more 'Punjabi' friendly. Changes in screenplay and characterization have also been made. The shoot is over and my fingers are crossed. I hope the audience appreciates our efforts. Our blood, sweat and literally everything has been invested in this movie.

Do you promise the same level of energy in Singham Punjabi, like the Rohit Shetty films?

My characters are real gems. I am fortunate that I have Parmish Verma in this movie as the lead character. He is a powerhouse of energy. He is versatile and very energetic; it has been a pleasure directing him. Now when we are done with the shoot, I don’t think anyone in the industry can really match  this level of energy that Parmish has put into his character. Talking about my villain Kartar Cheema, the man is given the role because of his caliber. His talent has been unexplored and we have tried to explore it in this movie. Though we had to mellow down the antagonist's character because as Prakash Raj's version would have been too loud for Punjabi cinema.  

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Also, Singham came in the year 2011, that period in Bollwyood had a major liking for unreal action. People loved movies in which they saw one man fighting many and also let's not forget the flying cars. Heroic skills with superficial action was seen in many movies back then but now in 2019, we can’t show them all this. The audience has now evolved from that phase. Our movie is a bit more real and practical. We have action sequences which are relatable and they fit in the screenplay well. Our major goal was to match the energy of what the audience has watched in the original Singham, and from what I can say, we'll certainly be appreciated.

Well, we wish the entire team all the best for the upcoming project. Expectations being high, we too have our fingers crossed for this one. If this movie works then chances are that many new Producers would turn towards Punjabi film industry.

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