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Once A Kabaddi Player, Popular Punjabi Lyricist Vicky Dhaliwal Had To Pull Out Due To This Reason!

By: Amrinder | January 13, 2019

Once there was a tough and muscular Kabaddi player, who loved his game more than anything else in the world. Yes, we are talking about none other than the popular Punjabi lyricist Vicky Dhaliwal. Beneath that tough body, there was a beautiful heart which loved writing poems and couplets. As it happens with most of us, it happened with Vicky too. His plans and his destiny’s plans for him were quite different. Eventually, Vicky had to bid goodbye to the game of Kabaddi after a shoulder injury made it difficult for him to play.

By the time Vicky left Kabaddi, he had already represented many teams and clubs up at the national level. His shoulder injury had cost him his passion. This was a decisive phase in his life when he started devoting his time to writing.

Dhaliwal belongs to a family which, according to him, is quite conservative in terms of its thinking and he was the first person from his family to become an artist. Even though his family was against his wishes but they firmly stood behind him at every stage. A strong believer of the fact that writing is something which is done from the bottom of the heart, Vicky makes sure that he sings his songs himself after writing them. Probably his instinct of writing from his heart is the reason why his songs are chartbusters!

But if Vicky is to be believed, he never cares about the fact that the song is going to be a hit or a flop. All he cares about is the satisfaction of his creative instincts. Believe him or not but whenever he writes a song, he writes it like he is writing his first song.

In an interview, Vicky had once said that he never cares about the fact whether who is going to sing his song or not. He added, “For me, an artist is an artist, doesn’t matters what his name is, because an artist comes and goes but ultimately what is left behind is the art.”

Well said!

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