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Enraged Elly Mangat Blurts Out The Reason For Being Upset With Deep Jandu!

By: Prakriti | January 21, 2019

We often hear harsh lyrics in Punjabi songs which are targeted at someone from the industry itself. These lyrics are purposely written as a reply to a particular singer from the industry. Not a new thing now but thanks to social media, often such artists directly play the reply game which in a way amuses the fans and followers of both the parties, thus igniting a war of words in the comment thread.

In a recent video, we saw Punjabi singers Elly Mangat and Singga exchanging taunts as replies to each other. It all started when Singga referred to Elly Magat as 'Chotta' to which Elly said, "You don’t match up to my level ( Meri latt varga vi hai nahi )."

In the same video, Singga sings a song also says that we kidnap people like you and put them in the boot of our cars and this is what an original composition is, you better don’t copy this one now."

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An agitated Mangat wondered why Singga is resorting to cheap tactics as he hasn't said anything to him. Singga had even challenged Elly to have a face-off by saying "You know where I stay, come over and we shall have a face off."

Elly Mangat also clarified why he is upset with his once a dear friend Deep Jandu. While elaborating an episode from the past, the singer said that it all started from the song Aa Gaya Ni Ohi Billo Time, which is penned by Moosewala. Elly shared that when Sidhu offered him the song, he referred it to Deep Jandu who sold off the song to Speed Records. He blamed them of cheating him and also said that he wasn't given the due that was promised to him.

He was against the music label after this happened and felt cheated when Deep Jandu gave the song to Speed Records because, during the making of this song, Deep had promised that he would not get associated with Speed for this song.

Like a jilted lover, Elly was betrayed. He had helped Deep in making this song but was not given any credits, even as a special thanks, as promised to him. It took him days to shoot this song and he had also contributed towards the lyrics but Deep did not bother to mention it anywhere.

Friends turning foes isn’t a new thing in Punjabi music industry. Elly Mangat got vocal and spoke about his concern when he was instigated. We hope such cold wars end soon.

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