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Must Read: Director Rakesh Mehta Shares His Inspiration Behind Making 'Yaara Ve'

By: Amrinder | January 21, 2019

Over the years, Punjabi film industry has projected a lot of stories on friendship. Some of them were based on a gang of goofy friends and sometimes as friends who turn foes. 
But now, Director Rakesh Mehta is bringing a new story of 3 friends for the Punjabi audiences and he promises that this one is nothing like those stories which the audiences have seen in all these years.

We had a candid chit chat with the man and asked him what his inspiration behind Yaara Ve is and he shared...

"Yaara Ve is a period drama based on true stories of partition era. The film narrative takes us back to the era where human relations were real and emotional when there was no technology."
What inspired you to make a film like this?
I had heard this story from my grandparents and was really touched by the purity of this relationship. I, thus, decided to tell the world about this wonderful bond through my film.
What is so different about Yaara Ve that we've not seen in the friendship based films that have already been made?

It’s a story of 3 best friends who live in a village near Lahore (now in Pakistan). All in their twenties, these lads have immense bonding and selfless love for each other, and their respective families live in great harmony since ages. Life takes a beautiful turn when one of the friends falls in love. Amidst a phase of celebration, suddenly the news of partition breaks in. Hindus and Sikhs of the village are left with no choice but to leave for Amritsar, in India. In the middle of this religious chaos, how these true friends prove their friendship is what this film contains. I am certain that the sensitivity with which this film has been treated and the purity of love that this friendship will showcase is something that will win over the audiences. 

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Yaara Ve is about so many true human stories of pre-partition and partition era, which prove that there can be boundaries drawn between the countries, but true friendship remains undivided.
The film is scheduled for release on 19th April 2019. Let's hope that it emerges as an example for others in the industry.

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