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Though Everyone Is Gushing Over Gitaz Bindrakhiya's Version Of 'Yaar Bolda', We Honestly Weren't Impressed!

By: Prakriti | February 12, 2019

Not very often do we see good remakes of the hit old tracks. Sometimes a singer manages to do justice to a track which has been a hit in the past but more often, we are left unimpressed by the remakes. Remakes of many legendary songs have flooded the market already and the recent one by Gitaz Bindrakhia is another addition to the list.

The recently released track has been sung by Gitaz Bindrakhia, the son of legendary singer Surjit Bindrakhia. It is the remake of the most heard Punjabi wedding song 'Yaar Bolda'. Originally written by Shamsher Sandhu, the lyrics have been refurbished by Rav Hanjra.  The son thought of revamping his father’s most successful song and came up with an urbanized version of it. But honestly, we aren’t really impressed with this attempt.

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The song is set up in urban locations and is shot overseas. Though the concept of the new video shows only the backdrop changing and Gitaz maintaining his folk look wearing a kurta chaadara, but still the remake just didn't make us feel nostalgic or even get connected. Rather the excessive use of autotune also made us cringe.

The remake track starts with a couple of pictures of late Surjit Bindrakhia with Gitaz, these few seconds surely made us emotional. The audio that moves along these pictures is true as they say that no one can match the aura of the late singer. But along with it comes a realization that the makers shouldn’t have messed up with the original track.

Released under T-SERIES APNA PUNJAB the song has surely been getting enough views of youtube but we seriously think that singers shouldn’t touch such celebrated tracks. The irony is that the original song doesn’t have a lucrative video setup in a posh location yet it has been ruling our hearts for years.

Hoping that the singers realize that some things are better untouched.


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