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OH Damn! Why Are People Suddenly Calling Punjabi Music Producer Manni Sandhu A 'Thief'?

By: Amrinder Singh | February 13, 2019

The 'Soni Rangiye' music producer Manni Sandhu has a trademark sound of his own. From his release with Diljit Dosanjh last year to Akhil's recent single, each one of his tracks has a characteristic Manni Sandhu feel to it. Recently, the man shared a poster of his next titled 'Verified Jatt', with the Punjabi singer Gurj Sidhu. His fans and the Punjabi music lovers welcomed this pairing with open arms.

But according to a report in Daily Ent. Xpress, as soon as the song's promo hit the internet, the buzz around it created a stir, both positively and negatively. 

Suddenly, Manni started receiving some stinkers in his social media comments. The reason, well, a Punjabi singer named Dilraj Grewal claimed that the song was his and Manni Sandhu and Gurj Sidhu were infringing his copyright! 

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As stated in Daily Ent. Xpress, Dilraj Grewal was the singer on the Manni Sandhu release ‘Talk Is Cheap’. It appears that Dilraj Grewal had sung a version of this song with Manni Sandhu and is upset that this song is going to be released by Manni and Gurj Sidhu. Dilraj uploaded a 15-second clip of Verified Jatt in his voice and also the video he was in, to his Instagram, and all of a sudden his fans and management team started to berate Manni Sandhu online, calling him a dishonest and went to the extent of calling him a thief as well. They even said that Manni will have to pay for using Dilraj’s track.

Soon, Instagram removed Dilraj's video which left him shocked as according to him, he owned the version. It was then that Manni Sandhu revealed the actual truth behind the whole thing.

Manni clarified that on his social media handles that the song is owned by Sangra Vibes who wrote it and recorded a guide vocal for the song over 2 years ago for which Manni still has the date stamped files.

Daily Ent. Xpress confirmed that the song was sung by Diljraj, but in October 2018 but after a dispute between Manni and Dilraj, Dilraj sent a legal notice to Manni Sandhu barring him from releasing any more tracks that featured his vocals, Verified Jatt being one of them. Manni had invested 20 lakhs in Dilraj which turned dead money since the legal notice was received. Manni had recorded 3 songs with Dilraj, flown him to the UK, paid for studio time all of which is now gone down the drain. Once the legal notice had been sent, the song ‘Verified Jatt’ rolled back to the original owner - Sangra Vibes.

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Through an Insta video, Sangra Vibes cleared the air by saying that the track belongs to him and Manni Sandhu and now Gurj Sidhu too. He did confirm that the vocals were done by another singer some years ago but things didn't go as per the plan and thus, the song is as fresh as a daisy.

Verified Jatt is out on February 15th and Daily Ent. Xpress assures that it will bang!

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