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Breaking News: A Serious Incident Has Occurred At Sidhu Moosewala's Concert Venue In Surrey, Area Under Lockdown!

By: Gurleen | February 16, 2019

A fresh report of an unconfirmed incident at Sidhu Moosewala's recent concert venue has just come afloat. Apparently, the man was in Surrey's Bollywood Banquet Hall for a concert which didn't go as planned. 

According to a tweet by XL Radio, the incident is of serious nature and the site is sealed.

XL Radio tweeted :"Breaking News: Unconfirmed reports of a serious incident at Sidhu Moosewala concert at Bollywood Banquet Hall #SurreyBC #SurreyRCMP on site - area apparently under lockdown."

The event was organised by Team Cre8ive Events and the artist line up included Sidhu Moosewala, Elly Mangat, Chani Natt, Paul G, Sabbi Samra, Ardee and Bunny.

As per Daily Ent Xpress, the details about the incident are awaited but it is confirmed that the police have closed off the area and no one is allowed to enter or exit. We are waiting to receive more information but some sources have revealed that a stabbing incident has taken place at the event site.

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While there were others who were concerned about the well being of their favourite artist, there were also those who opine that it is the content that Moosewala makes, which is the reason for this incident.

A Twitterati by the name Jegz wrote, "This is what happens when you have trash like @SidhuMooseWala and Elly Mangat in your city. Both horrid singers, terrible influences on society and both riding autotune while signing about guns, violence and gangs. The scum of society."

More details soon.

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