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Panjab University Bans Vulgar Songs On Campus, Pandit Rao Posts A Thank You Pic!

By: Prakriti | May 12, 2019

Pandit Rao is not a new name for the Punjabi music industry. He is the same man who got fame after he stood up against the vulgar - violent songs in Punjab. Pandit Rao not only walked the roads with banners but also reached the hometown of some singers to address the same issue. But seems like he has won the long fought battle.

Today, the vice-chancellor of Panjab University has released a notice which states that a ban has been imposed on vulgar, weaponry and alcoholic songs, and singers in Panjab University campus.

Yes! You read it correctly.

A similar notice has been issued to all the student councils and hostels inside the campus to refrain from inviting any artist who sings vulgar, weaponry and alcoholic songs for performance during star nights.

After this move by the VC of PU, an elated Pandit Rao walked inside the campus with a banner on which he thanked the Vice-chancellor for banning vulgar, weaponry and alcoholic songs on the holy Panjab university campus.

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It seems like a victory for Pandit Rao, but the student council would have a tough time in finding a Punjabi singer to perform at their star nights now. The student council often lures the students with such shows and it would surely affect their vote bank in the coming year.  On the other side, singers like Moosewala, who dared and sung against Pandit Rao on the same campus, might feel agitated by this newly imposed ban, though his mother has confirmed in her apology letter that Sidhu will no longer sing provocative or gangster based songs.

Here's a kudos to Pandit Rao's tireless efforts! 

Keeping going stong Pandit Ji.

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