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The Truth Behind The Biggest Misconception About Satwinder Bugga?

By: Harleen Kaur | August 19, 2019

Even after years, the 'Bugga' in Satwinder Bugga's name is still a bigger mystery than the Bermuda Triangle. Many people who live around Bugga Palia and Bugga Kalan Pind, even today believe that they are the neighbors of a world-famous personality.

Although centuries back, Shakespeare would have believed 'what's in a name?' But gradually time has proved that it's all about the name. Similarly, years back even Satwinder Bugga or his parents wouldn't have thought that one day, this name would become such a sensation.

However, even today most of his fans think that the 'Bugga' comes from the Bugga Kalan of Amloh Tehsil, the Pind from where he might belong. But the reality is far distant than this perception.

In fact, he hasn't even got anything to do with these pinds. And as far as his actual name is concerned, it is Satwinder Singh Thind. While the 'Bugga' part of this name was given to him by his family members, who used to call him 'Bugga' fondly!

Nevertheless, if anyone of you belongs to the Malwa region, you might be pretty well aware of the tradition of 'Bugga' name. A name which is usually given to the youngest member of the family by his elders. So this is how 'Bugga' name came into Satwinder Thind's life.

And once his family members started calling him 'Bugga' then eventually his friends and neighbors too started recognizing him with this name. Even when he went to college, the name 'Bugga' remained by his side and gradually this name became so popular among his acquaintances, that some of them even forgot his original name 'Satwinder.' All they knew was 'Bugga.'

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Even Satwinder Bugga embraced this name with open arms. When he asked to pick a name to be printed on the covers of his first cassette, he chose the name Bugga without any second thought.

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