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Why Is Sippy Gill's Latest Song "King Of Punjab" A Super Hit??

By: Gurleen | January 24, 2016

With every passing day a massive number of songs are released in the Punjabi music industry. Some go in vain while others become overnight chart toppers. Sippy Gill's new track "King Of Punjab" very steadily maintained a level and can now be considered a hit number.

We have had music videos from this artist earlier too but what is it that made King Of Punjab such a winner??

Read below and find out yourself :

1) The bonding that Sippy's character shares with his uncle is worth a million bucks

In today's world where relationships have taken a back seat and movies like Shareek have exposed the ugly truth behind the family alliance, here is one song that rekindles the love and respect for a bond which many have forgotten over time.

[caption id="attachment_249" align="alignnone" width="600"]sippy gill Source:Youtube[/caption]

Yograj Singh features in the video as Sippy's taya and not his father. This certainly was one reason why this song left an emotional impact on my mind.

2) It exposes the ingenuinity of overseas liaisoning for marital purposes

[caption id="attachment_250" align="alignnone" width="600"]sippy gill Source:Youtube[/caption]

Yes this happens and it is very common, especially in rural Punjab. Young boys seek NRI maidens for marriage and surrender to their unjust demands for the sake of a foreign citizenship. Guess this is another reason why most of the people could relate to the song.

3) A feel good factor about living life king-size in Punjab

No one can deny the fact that if one is economically strong then livelihood in Punjab is pretty blissful. The same has been shown in the video. Sippy has been characterized as a guy who does his agricultural tasks himself and at no point is there any hypocritical behaviour throughout the entire sequence.

sippy gill

He has represented a Punjabi guy who loves his family and stays in their self owned farm house towards the suburban stretch of the state. It just gives the audience a feel good factor about living in Punjab, especially the village life.

4) He doesn't accept the girl's proposal even though she seems to have changed for him

I am so sorry to have disclosed the suspense of the song but I am sure that by this time you must have seen the video already. What went positive for me when he rejected the girl's proposal was that simply changing the attire does not change the basic behaviour of a human being.

sippy gill

If a girl has been born and brought up on a foreign land then it is very difficult for her to adjust in the rural areas of any state in India. People here have a fixed mindset which isn't too friendly when it comes to today's generation. So rejecting the proposal yet again, was a good idea in order to gain respect for maintaining the dignity of the character which Sippy played.

5) Yograj Singh's super cute dance moves

I was taken by surprise when I watched Yograj Singh shaking a leg. He did his belly twist with such grace that it was a pleasure watching him.

He seemed to be having a lot of fun during the shoot. His dance was definitely my favourite part of the song! :-)

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