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Aditya Sood Blames Jagdeep Sidhu Of Deception And Artist Manipulation!

By: Harleen Kaur | September 8, 2019

Social media is full of controversies these days and while some are intentional, some simply go viral because of the facts or insights that they contain. A recent interview by Dailypost Punjabi has been creating a stir in the Punjabi entertainment sector where Punjabi director Aditya Sood has opened many inside secrets in front of the camera. 

While the man seems to be pretty pissed off due to the suffering he's faced in the hands of Punjabi actors like Binnu Dhillon, and more, some names that he precisely pointed out were that of Dheeraj Rattan Jagdeep Sidhu and others from the production end. The project under discussion was Sharry Maan's debut film 'Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya'. The film was written, directed and produced by Aditya Sood and starred Sharry Maan, Sharry Mann, Jimmy Sharma, Niharika Kareer, Binnu Dhillon, Rana Ranbir, Yograj Singh and more. The man said in the interview that he was constantly pressurized by Dheeraj Rattan and his alliances for pushing the release date of 'Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya' forward just because another film 'Ishq Garrari' was to hit the theatres. Aditya blamed this team of mental torture and harassment. 

Another film that he talked about was Pakke Canada Wale. This one was announced in 2017 and was again with Sharry Maan. The film was to be helmed by Aditya Sood, who had also written the story of this movie. The fate of this film froze when the actor-director duo Sharry and Aditya met Jagdeep Sidhu, as said in the interview. 

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Aditya blamed Jagdeep of manipulating Sharry against him so much so that he lost his film and has been medically unfit since then. Aditya quoted that Jagdeep sent Sharry a message that Aditya Sood is a miserable director who will ruin Sharry's career yet again, as he did in his debut film. He further demanded 40 lakhs from Aditya to 'finalise' Sharry for his film and also write the story of this 'already announced' project. Agitated Sood walked off the offer and thus the project was shelved forever. Sood claimed that ever since he's been on medication for survival and blamed the 'cute and innocent' Punjabi director of fraudulently manipulating actors and producers and even said that he's been making 'bitch connections' for his benefit! 

The man has surely opened up about a lot of those aspects of the industry that many would never dare to talk about. Though such upfront talks do not go down too well with an industry that's too obsessed with itself but as per Aditya, he's not here for money making but for his passion of film making. He touched upon the sensitive topic of the casting couch too but spoke little of it. He rather said that it is the lead actor of the film who indulges into this practice than the director or producer! 


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