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Centre To High Court - Without A Censor Certificate How Can Shooter Have A Release Date?

By: Harleen Kaur | February 24, 2020

Shooter, the Punjabi film that's sailing amid rough waters due to its probable link to gangster Sukha Kahlon's life, was banned by Punjab government for screening in Punjab. After Punjab, even Haryana decided to ban it but when the film producer filed a petition and challenged the ban by Punjab government in the high court, the court dismissed it and asked the petitioner to start afresh.

On Monday, a petition was filed in the Punjab and Haryana high court against Punjab's ban on Punjabi film Shooter but it got dismissed. In the court, when the judge was hearing the arguments, the Centre informed the high court that the film's censor certificate is still pending, how have the makers announced a release date without having the censor certificate in hand. The Centre further stated that a film cannot be released unless it gets a go-ahead from the censor board so if this film is yet to receive its clearance then announcing a release date is in itself wrong. 

The petitioner put forward his version saying that the Punjab government has already banned the film but when the court demanded a copy of the notification, the petitioner was unable to present it. Therefore, the high court dismissed this petition and asked the petitioner to file a new petition against the Punjab government's ban on Shooter, and this time, with a copy of the notification. 

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The film producer, while filing the petition in high court, questioned the ban by Punjab government on the film on 10 February for screening in Punjab as this movie is yet to receive a clearance certificate from the censor board, and as it has still not been screened anywhere, so how can the authorities impose a ban on it?

He further pleaded that if the film gets banned then he'll face a loss and in any case, the film is still to receive a censor certificate and it is only the censor board which shall decide whether the film is suitable for public preview or not. 

For those who don't know, the film producer had filed a counter to Punjab government's ban on Shooter's screening in the state and had requested the high court to dismiss this notification. 

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