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Here's The Story Behind The Mark On Bhagwant Mann's Neck

By: Krishma | March 10, 2022

Whenever it comes to Bhagwant Mann, the comedian-turned-politician always has a kitty full of stories related to him. One such story related to him is of that prominent operation mark on his neck. Some critics say that he has gone through a surgery to enhance his voice whereas some people say that he is going through XYZ disease, which is why he has undergone an operation. But the fact is nothing has been official about it yet and whatever we have heard till now are sheer rumors.

However, this mystery got solved recently when Mann himself unfurled this in a recent interview. Unraveling this mystery, Mann said that this mark has nothing to do with any ailment nor with any vocal enhancement surgery but it has everything to do with his birth.

Mann revealed that his chin and neck naturally happened to be adjoined when he was born. This was indeed so intense that it pushed his parents and doctors into deep worry as it was pretty clear that Bhagwant won’t be able to lead a normal life if it’s left as it is. His doctors then decided to separate his chin and neck through an operation but they couldn’t do so because, upon his birth, Mann was extremely underweight. His weight was little more than 1 kg when he was born. So, doctors decided to postpone this surgery until he grew a little older and his body becomes vigorous for it. Also Read: Here's How Politics Took Toll On Bhagwant Mann's Personal Life!

Therefore, Bhagwant had to live with this disability for almost 5 years and after turning 5, when his doctors were convinced about his physical well being, they decided to go for this operation. He was finally operated at the age of 5, when his neck and chin were separated at Rajinder Hospital, Patiala.  Medically it was an utterly sensitive operation since his windpipe was involved in the operation. However this operation couldn’t succeed in the first attempt and it took another attempt to successfully accomplish this operation. Soon after this operation, young Bhagwant recovered from this disability and started leading a normal life. Also Read: The Infamous Prank Which Bhagwant Mann Played During A Flight

This operation took away everything with itself except that ‘operation mark,’ so that it keeps on giving some masala to the conspiracy theorists of this internet space.



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