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Do You Know Veet Baljit Never Likes Singing His Own Songs- Read To Know More!

By: Krishma | May 22, 2021

It is often said that a person becomes an artist only when he becomes a harshest critic of himself. That's the reason why Tom Holt in his Lucia Triumphant has written "He was ... at peace with the world, for it is not in the praise of others that the true artist reveals, but in the knowledge that he has satisfied himself." It is believed that the downfall of an artist begins that very day when he starts deriving satisfaction out of his works. So in a nutshell, dissatisfaction and discontentment are the traits of a true artist. That's the reason why he often sees our Punjabi singers, writers and actors groaning about their work. 

Nevertheless, one of those many names is our beloved Veet Baljit. Just like many of his contemporaries, he doesn't like singing songs written by him. In one of his recent interviews, he revealed that while picking a singer for his songs, he often tries to make other singers sing his songs. While he keeps himself on the second number in the preference list. He lends his voice for the songs only in case he fails to find a suitable voice for his songs. 

This is so because he always feels that his own voice never justifies his songs. That's the reason why he usually refrains from using his own voice. However, he has been actively adopting this tactic despite being fully aware of the fact that a lyric writer in this industry  gets relatively lesser credit and fame with respect to a writer. He strongly believes that one day he will surely get what is meant for him, no matter whether it's money and fame. That's why he never holds himself back from taking risks. Probably this spirit is also the reason why he is known to be a bold person in the entire industry. Also Read : Here's What Veet Baljit Thinks About Plagiarism In The Punjabi Industry!


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