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Exclusive! “I Am Open To Work In The Punjabi Industry”- Ankit Gupta Aka Fateh Of ‘Udaariyaan’

By: Krishma | September 20, 2022

Popular television show, ‘Udaariyaan’ enjoyed a lot of popularity and continued to top the TRP charts ever since it went on air. Produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey, the show featured Ankit Gupta, Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and Isha Malviya in the lead roles.

Audience made an immediate connect with Fateh (Ankit) and Tejo’s (Priyanka) love story. The chemistry of both the leads appealed larger audience so much so that their couple hashtag, ‘Fatejo’ turned out to be one of the most viral and loved hashtags on social media. Also Read : Writer-Actor Naresh Kathooria Is Ready For His Bollywood Debut With ‘Dream Girl 2’

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After more than a year, the show is going to take a generation leap which has left ‘Fatejo’ fans heart-broken.

Thus, we thought of getting in touch with Ankit Gupta to get a sneak peek about his future plans. So, go ahead reading our exclusive chit chat with the actor.  

Why did you leave the show? It was your choice or script’s demand?

It was only because of the storyline. The show in a span of 1-1.5 years, showcased the journey of Fateh and Tejo. Now, there is not much left to explore in their story. Thus, the storyline is entirely changing and so are the actors. The show is taking a generation leap. Nehmat and Naaz will be grownups and now the entire story will be based on them. That is why we are not in the show anymore.

Did you meet the new star cast?

I know Hitesh and Twinkle.

Twinkle is a good friend of mine who has been associated with Wizcraft for five years while I did a short film with Hitesh but I don’t know Shakun.

Don’t you think it’s too early for you to be dissociated with the show?

I think it’s the right time. As I said, what else can you explore in the journey of a character after more than a year. From love story to marriage, from having kids to an extra-marital affair, we saw everything in his journey. So, I think it was the right time. 

How has your journey been?

It was really satisfying. I feel lucky to get a chance to play a complete character like Fateh Singh Virk. My character had all shades of emotions - happy, sad, agony, romance, fear etc.

Udaariyaan’ being set in the Punjab backdrop. Did you learn something new while shooting about the culture of Punjab?

Yes of course! The food and belief of Punjab. Every city has a different culture. I mean if you go to Amritsar, people there want to eat all the time. They live to eat. If you talk about Mohali, it is totally different whereas Patiala is all about royalty.  

Your fans have been demanding on social media to see you in Bigg Boss 16. Do you have any plans?

I have been approached by the Bigg Boss team and I too had a word with them. However, nothing has been finalised yet. At this point, I am very confused.

Bigg Boss is a very good and big platform but I feel it’s too early for me to get into the Big Boss house. Also, I think I am not a ‘Bigg Boss’ person as I am very reserved and introvert kind of a person in real life.

In fact, rumours are rife that your co-actress, Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary has accepted the Bigg Boss offer. Do you know?

I know she was also contacted by the Bigg Boss team but I am not sure if she has accepted the offer.

Being in Punjab, you can’t ignore Punjabi music and cinema. How much do you follow?

Now I’ve been following it quite a lot. I listen to all the trending Punjabi songs and I’ve also started to watch Punjabi movies.

Who is your favourite artist and why?

I think all the actors are so talented that I can’t compare. All of them are actually superstars in their place. Be it Ammy Virk, Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa, Sargun Mehta or anybody else.

Though, Tom Hingston and Tom Hardy are my favourites but I admire and try to learn something or the other from everybody I watch.

So, do you have any plans of working in the Punjabi industry?

If I get any offer, why not? Now Punjabi cinema is not just a Punjabi cinema. With a wide reach, it has become a global cinema. People in countries like UK and Australia love Punjabi cinema.

Any kind of character you would like to play in Punjabi cinema?

I have not thought of any character as such but I want to work on a script based around the time of partition. A youngster who has migrated to some other country and trying to make his own identity which would include racism as well.

Do you just want to do the films now or you are open to daily soaps as well?

I just want to keep working. I want to act whatever comes my way. It should consist of good role and good content irrespective of it being a TV show, web show or a feature film.

Whatever I am or whatever I’ve learnt is all because of Television. Without any professional training, I learnt everything on sets while actually doing it. So, I don’t distinguish between television or films.

There has always been a lot of noise around the tag associated with TV actors. Does this tag ever bother you?

This is something that I really don’t understand!

 I don’t differentiate between actors. I don’t say TV actor or a film actor. An actor is an actor - a good or a bad actor.

You can’t say this to a singer that he is a ‘pop’ or a ‘qawalli’ singer. Even in cricket, you don’t say that he is a T20 player or we won’t let him play in one day or he is a one-day player he can’t play in test match. You call him a player, not a test match player or a one-day player.

Similarly, an actor is an actor-good or bad. That’s it. So, this is something which bothers me as an actor.

Any ‘Punjabi habit’ that you’ve developed while working in Punjab.

I have started eating paranthas in the breakfast. Though, I am trying to control this habit.

Which all places have you visited in and around Chandigarh?

Nowhere! (giggles)

But now since my shoot is over and if I am here for a couple of more weeks, I will probably go and see some places.

During the show, you’ve had a certain routine but now there will be a sudden shift. Does it bother you?

It will feel good for a week (laughs). I can wake up whenever I want, do whatever I want but surely after a week, I will start missing the set and it will start bothering me because I am somebody who likes to act, work and to be on set.

At this point, do you feel any pressure on yourself about your next project?

As I told you, it’s a very confusing state of mind in my life and career. Now, I think it’s very important for me to choose the right project after having worked in such a successful project because you know you suddenly start getting a lot of offers but you don’t know which one to choose and which one to reject. kahin story, kahin channel, kahin platform, kahi paise ache hote hain, so it becomes very confusing. So, I believe your second project should be equally good if not better because only then you’ll be an established actor otherwise people will call it a ‘fluke’. They won’t see how hard you worked or how disciplined you were with your work. If your second project doesn’t work, people will give you a ‘fluke’ tag.

Who are you going to miss the most from sets?

I think I’ll miss my script the most.

Any memory or compliment that is etched in your heart forever whenever somebody would mention about ‘Udaariyan’ in your professional journey?

That my eyes speak a lot! (smiles)

Any message for your fans?

First of all, I am so grateful to all my fans for all the love I’ve received. Honestly, I didn’t expect to get so much love at all and I never knew ‘Udaariyaan’ is going to be such a big hit. I will try my best to come back asap with some project and try to entertain everyone as much as I can.

So, till then just stay tuned and keep showering your love. I’ll see you guys very soon.

And he signs off.

Needless to say, his fans will eagerly look forward to see him back on the screen.

We too wish him all the luck for his future endeavours.

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