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5 Reasons Why Punjabi Movie ‘Kulche Chole’ Got Us All Excited!

By: Krishma | October 5, 2022

With a plethora of projects available on OTT for its consumption, the taste of audience too has been changing. Gone are the days when every film used to sound exciting enough to drive cinephiles to the theatres. Not just Bollywood, the same pattern is now witnessed among Punjabi audience as well. The film surely has to have some different elements which would differentiate it from the rest.

Simranjit Hundal’s forthcoming film, ‘Kulche Chole’ has surely made us feel that yaar ehde layi theatre jaana banda ae. We’re not saying it just like that!

Starring Dilraj Grewal and Jannat Zubair in the lead roles along with Jaswant Rathore, Naginder Gakhar and others, the film has so many reasons to create excitement out of which we’ve listed only 5 of them with which each one of us can relate! Also Read : What Is Chur Chur Gallan With Legends?


Popular model and social media influencer, Jannat Zubair who enjoys a mammoth amount of stardom on social media has chosen our Punjabi industry to make her debut on the silver screen. It really feels great to have such a talent entering the industry. The actress who has actually learnt Punjabi for the film will be worth watching.

Jannat has earlier featured in several Hindi daily soaps and reality shows. Now, this one will be her first ever feature film.

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Not just Jannat but Punjabi singer Dilraj Grewal too will mark his acting debut with the film. So, now Jannat and Dilraj in the lead pair will bring a freshness in the film which was missing with back-to-back film releases of the same actors.

Phew! We needed it from such a long time! Also Read : Guru Randhawa’s Car Collection – Truly A High Rated Gabru!

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The fact must also be appreciated from a Producer’s point of view who’ve taken a bold step by investing on these newbies which involves a huge risk factor.  


Well, as of now only one audio track from the film has released which is titled, ‘Rooh’. The romantic and soothing song is sung by Dilraj Grewal and Simar Sethi. The beautiful song struck a chord immediately with the audience.

Nearly after a month of its release, the song continues to take social media by storm. With the song trending on reels, we’re really looking forward to the rest of its album.


Punjabis are a big-time foodie who literally live for food. For them, ‘Kulche Chole’ is not just a dish but an emotion. So, now you all can imagine how much emotional value this title of the film carries. On the top of it, not to forget the tagline, ‘Chur Chur Love Story’.


Last but not the least, the film is based in the backdrop of City of Gold, Amritsar. We all know how large hearted Amritsaris are. Now, to choose a location like Amritsar for shoot will be great to see and of course the kind of flamboyancy and warmth they carry can be felt by everyone.

So, I think these five reasons are enough to make up one’s mind to watch the film in the theatre. get more sneak peek about behind the scenes, you can watch our interview with the director, Simranjit Hundal by clicking here :

Mark your calendars guys, the film is releasing on November 11 in the theatres near you!!

Well, as of now, how are you liking the vibe, don’t forget to share with us in the comments section.

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