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Street Talk: Job Or Business?

By: Krishma | January 25, 2023

The debate on job or business has become a hot topic these days. Though most of the time we get to see equal supporters on both the sides but yes there has been a slight bend towards entrepreneurship more.  

However, opening up a business is not a child’s play. One requires practical training before actually venturing into a job. If you want financial stability, a job is the obvious choice, but for those willing to take risks, business may appear appealing. Also Read : Good News! Hockey Player Harjeet Tuli Gets Married To Ramandeep Beniwal-See Pics Inside!

In response to this decision, Karishma went out in public to solicit audience feedback and learn about their preferences.

While talking to the general audience, we discovered that majority of the youth is interested in venturing into their own business for it provides them time and financial freedom. Also Read : Street Talk: Is Love Really Blind?

Well, what do you think? Do let us know in the comments section!

You may watch out the full episode here:



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